Good Life

Well here I am dealing with yet another health issue and still don’t know how serious it is yet. I was thinking, ok, maybe more like stressing about it on the way home from work last week when I turn on the radio, and hear the tail end of one of the songs Andrew has sent me in the past. I was bummed I missed it. I turn the station because of commercials or was it because of that? Maybe someone guided me to change it, because the next station I turned on, as I was disappointed that I missed a song Andrew sent me, was the same song I just missed, it was just starting. YAY! I hardly hear that song anymore on the radio, let alone twice in a row! That is when I got that all too familiar energy that is my son surrounding me, giving me a hug, to let me know that life is good! It was his way of letting me know that it was all ok. A “don’t worry you’re pretty lil head PrettyMama! I got this!”

I mean, the last seven years have been beyond traumatic riddled with major, life threatening health issues in my immediate family with my husband and both my kids, and we know what happened to my son. So with this latest health issue with Martin has had me shook up. I told him he used up all his health crisis chips with our stint in Ireland! SO has Elatia, and of course Andrew! ENOUGH already!

Martin is swollen on the left side of his neck that we thought was from a tooth. Even after going to the dentist to finally get it pulled, she is not sure if it’s the tooth causing it or not and she didn’t pull it. The dentist wants to wait to see what happens after a round of antibiotics.

When Martin was in the Dublin hospital in December 2012, the antibiotics made the swelling go down, so I’m hoping it happens this time too. I was asking, ok begging Martin to go to the dentist while we were in N Ireland, but he’s a guy and wouldn’t listen, so here we are now. Grrrrrrrrrr

I was relieved that we got a reprieve for a week or so, but Martin has to see an ear, nose and throat doctor now before the dentist OR Dr Luo, our acupuncturist will see him again. UGH! We still have no insurance, which is why I wanted to get as much done in N Ireland as possible while we were there. But hey, what do I know, right? I’m just the really wise wife after all! lol

As we were on our home, a different way than I normally go from where we got the antibiotics, we were talking about this whole situation. As we were talking, I glance over while at a red light and see a shiny, red, really expensive Mercedes car sitting in the turning lane. Expensive shiny objects usually catch my attention. Then I noticed the license plate on this car and it says, “Its OK!” I wanted to jump out of my car and thank the nice rich people in their kick ass, shiny, expensive Merc for helping to give me that message from my son!

So of course Andrew’s energy surrounded me again to let me know it was from him. Message received Muck! Seeing that message lifted the heaviness I had been feeling. I went to work filled with the joys of Spring. Even if it’s only for a short while, I’ll take it! Feeling lighter helps manifesting a better outcome. And it’s really nice that Andrew delivered this message on a $90,000-$100,000 Mercedes! A message delivered in style. That’s ma boy! Unfortunately I didn’t see it in time to get a picture of it dammit, I was ragin I couldn’t get a picture to post here. But! Here is the song Andrew sent to remind me, even though we’re not out of the woods yet, what do we have to complain about, it’s gotta be a Good Life, a Good Good Life! AND…..


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  1. Big Hugs for you both…

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