Angels Are Like Vampires

Got your attention now don’t I? How can Angels be like vampires I hear you gasp? I must be crazy to say something so outrageous, right? Guess again! It is very much true, Angels are like vampires in the sense that you have to invite them in. That’s right, Angels will stand on the side lines watching you struggle, loving you and blessing your wooden head every step of the way.

You see, Angels have no egos and they know we come here to learn a myriad of things so we can evolve and grow.  I mean after all, our Guardian Angel was there when we were putting our soul contract together with our counsel. Angels don’t judge what we are going through if it’s a hard situation or not, for them they just honor and love us through our journey. They know the soul chooses to learn and experience many different things, some joyous, some not so joyous, which in the bigger picture benefits us all, the collective consciousness. So if we are struggling and don’t ask for help, they figure we want to go through an experience on our own, no matter how tough it may be, unless we ask for their help and invite them in.

The great news is, because Angels have no egos, no request is too big or too small. A good hair day or a million dollars, it makes no difference to them. Even parking spaces are not too small. I use the parking space Angels all of the time. Angels don’t judge the request. They are just happy to serve us. They honor us deeply for having the courage to incarnate into this human form, because they know it is no easy task.

Now that doesn’t mean we have our very own genie in a bottle that we can command at our every whim. In an enlightened sense we kind of do have this magical enlightened being that is with us to help us navigate our way around this lifetime, just not our every whim. And the great news is, we have more than just our Guardian Angel!

Our Guardian Angel stays with us our entire life, loving us, guiding us, and blessing our wooden heads when we take a wrong turn. We have also found that other Angels may come and go as needed for certain life experiences. But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no! We also have Spirit Guides and Animal Guides, an entire counsel of wisdom we can tap into! The help we have is limitless, and at our finger tips, if we are willing to ask, and invite them in.

So, are you wondering  if there is ever an instance when your Guardian Angel will step in and help even if you don’t ask? Yes! If you are in dire need, and it is not in your Soul Contract to leave here, your Angel will step in and help whether you ask for help or not. They help to keep you on track for your Soul Contract.

How can you not only invite them in, but work with your Angels and Guides more consciously and not just when you need help, I hear you ask? Great question! The easiest way to open that 2-way communication to your Guides is through meditation. Yes, I know, I hear it all of the time, “I try to meditate but I can’t!” My reply: “Can’t or won’t?” Meditation takes practice and commitment. It’s like anything else you try to learn to do. The more you do it, the more you get the hang of it, until it becomes second nature. It is the natural state of the human body after all, but so many of us are not in tune with the natural state of anything, so if you allow it, it will happen.

So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath and remember to INVITE your Angels and Guides in the next time you need help. And they will keep the vampires and any other undesirables away too!

Angel Blessings! ^j^

Connie Jordan


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  1. Mine must be finally taking a well deserved break as life is slowly building it’s way back to a peace. My guides are all still dressed as jesters so I still laugh. I ask for so little and have so much. Now a good car and best price will be their next task. I’ll do my part and save the money just asking for a small sense of direction to find it. lol Hugs

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