Dream A Healing Dream With Me Part I

Here is part one of a two part blog entry. There are from two friends that IM’d me in the past year. This first one is from a friend who has been so supportive of us. Not just since Andrew passed, but with our work in general, years before Andrew was diagnosed. They are one of the lucky ones that actually got to know Andrew while he was still here physically.

RB’s Dream

“What I remember about this dream is that because I am super energetically sensitive and haven’t been able to properly shield myself for a while now, I tend to pick up stuff in my aura very easily. I do clear and cleanse myself regularly – but there are times when I’ve had a hard time with it and my aura might get “junked up.”

At these times, at night sometimes I will see in my dreams and/or half sleep state random images of people and faces that mean nothing to me – almost like a slide show. Also I will sometimes get where one will be more in the dream, just not a passing image, and it doesn’t feel right like why are you here, you don’t belong.

One of these times I had a man in the dream time that didn’t belong and your presence showed up. You were wearing a beautiful white gown and your energy was so magnificent and powerful and loving and SO BEAUTIFUL that the negative presence left, immediately! Like POOF gone!”

FYI side note, I do clear and protect, but there are times it is hard for me and when I am aware that I need more help I get a healer to help me. Sometimes that happens, as this case, where a loving friend who is a fellow healer and practitioner, will show up in the dream time and work with me.Thank you Connie for being that powerful, loving beautiful presence.”

So I’m going to take this as I actually scare the Boogie Man away! BOOYA! That’s kinda cool!

It is pleasure and honor to be doing this work in dream time, even if I don’t remember it consciously. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen! ;-) And as I was typing that last sentence, a song came on that Andrew has sent me, “Safe and Sound” to let me know I am absolutely correct! Also to let me know…..


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