Good Grief!

Grief comes in all forms, and yes, sometimes it can come in good ways too. What I mean by good is that it’s not always that gut wrenching, heart breaking, want out of your skin kind of grief. When it’s not that, it actually feels good for a change.

Martin was playing the video game W.O.W, (World Of Warcraft,) a game he shared with Andrew and his friends. Martin is still in contact with Andrew’s friends through W.O.W and Diablo, which is really nice that we can keep up with them, as they have gone on with their lives, and the games makes it easier to stay in contact. Martin had some scenario on W.O.W, some level of character he was all bizzed about, that I’m sure I wouldn’t understand, nor be interested in, when he starts talking gaming stuff, all I hear is the sound you’d hear when Charlie Brown’s teacher was talking, “waa waa waa waa waa.”

So when Martin got his character to some village, city, level, scenario, or whatever the hell you call it, because unless I can watch a bear dance in the center of the village, I lose interest, he thought, “I wish I could show this to Andrew.” Then he hears Andrew in his ear describing exactly what Martin wanted him to see, and then says, “you mean that scene Daddy?” Martin replies, “Yes smart ass! That scene!” LOL Andrew was just reminding Martin that he was still right there and not missing anything or any cool scenes on the video games.

When you lose a child or someone close to you, it’s hard sometimes to remember that our loved ones really don’t leave us. They are always there lending their love and support, and do see what is going on. We just have to allow ourselves to be open to the new relationship with them. Let go of what was and welcome what is. (Oooo Andrew just gave me that line.) When we can do that, the grief doesn’t have to be as heart breaking. Yes, we will ALWAYS miss them physically being here with us, their voice, their hugs, their kisses, but when we can get to a point where we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their true essence IS here with us, that is when we can step into good grief!


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