My “Ghost” Story!

Right when I think Andrew can’t surprise me anymore, he does! He blows me away!

Since we have been “stuck” (I haven’t found a better word yet to describe what we are here) in N Ireland, we make the most out of video skyping with the daughter Elatia, and the granddaughter Kaliana, as well as friends. I don’t want Kaliana to forget us. She was 20 months old when we left the States. She was use to seeing us almost everyday. So video skyping is an over zealous, grandmother’s best friend!

But this particular, sensational skype session wasn’t with the granddaughter. It was with a our friend Karen Anderson in Southern California. We were just chatting away when something  really odd begins to happen. This white light starts to enter the screen and is pulsating. Karen sees it in her frame on her monitor too. We feel it is Andrew. The white light begins to envelope her and eventually covers her completely. We couldn’t believe it! Then the white light would move back and I’d see Karen. Then it would come more onto the screen. I eventually grabbed my camera & video taped it.

The white light would leave for a bit, but then other energies came through, and not in the same way. They were multicolored, glittery lights in the right side of the screen. These multicolored lights would change shape. We could see faces in them. One actually looked like a sonogram. We think it’s a another grand-baby for Karen. Another time it looked like Peanut the orangutan that we are connected to. These lights hung around for a bit pulsating, changing shape, then they just slowly faded away.

While Karen didn’t see Andrew’s white light other than on her screen, she definitely felt the energy of Andrew. Her headache disappeared. She was feeling really good. We all sat there in awe at what we were witnessing. It was soooo amazing. Instead of me going on about it, let me share it with you! Karen and I had another call recently, and nothing remotely happened like last time. I am so glad I thought to tape this experience so I could share it with you. I love how creative Andrew is with interacting us!




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