Since I am on my own a lot with my wiener dog and son in Spirit, I talk a lot to what appears to be myself. ;-) I walk around the house cleaning or doing whatever, talking out loud to Merlin or Andrew.

Yesterday (Saturday) the fairy light wasn’t on, I’d check throughout the day and it wouldn’t be on. So as I am going about my biz, I was talking to Merlin…ok, maybe getting on his case about using under my xmas tree as fire hydrant as well as my garbage can. Especially since I have the freakin back door open and he can just go outside! Arrrrrg! What’s the matter with him??! Good thing he is only 8 lbs.

I went into Andrew’s bedroom to turn on his light, I do it every night, I don’t like to see his room dark, it was never dark when he was here so why should it be now? Plus the neighbor across the street likes to see it on too. I go into his bathroom and the light STILL wasn’t on and I start talking to Andrew as I am walking into the living room. I said “You know Muck, I don’t like to turn on the fairy light, I like it when you do it. It makes me happy. Please turn it on for me, I really appreciate it when you do.”

I don’t have the old things Andrew use to do anymore, turning on the fairy light is the new thing, something he can do in our new relationship with him. It helps me to adjust to who he is now. I go into the office and Martin askes me who I was talking to and I said Merlin because I had said something to Merlin as well. Martin said “No, it sounded like you were talking to somebody, like you were having a conversation, is Wes here?” I said no, I didn’t want to admit I was talking to Andrew about the fairy light, because Martin would think I was in whiny mama gene mode. I was not! I did ask w/o being all whiny. ;-)

A little bit later I go into Andrew’s bathroom and the fairy light was ON! I was so happy! I thanked Muck for listening. I told Martin the light was on and also admitted that it was Muck I was talking to earlier. Martin said “That makes sense. I thought I heard a conversation going on and felt someone was here with you and I thought it was Wes, but it was The Muck I was feeling…and hearing” So that was validation for both of us. :-D *doin happy dance!*

When I got up this morning (Sunday) the light was on already! YAY! Although he doesn’t have to turn it on so early in the day, I like it anyway, it feels like a “Hello! I’m here!” :-D

I will try to get a pic of th3 fairy light on here somewhere. You made me laugh Swati about the fairy light being a celebrity! LMAO!

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  1. Karen T. says:

    I think the fairy light feels magical to be around….not sure if it really has that feeling to it or it’s because of the celebrity of the it. ;) Either way, I loved going in and checking, even if it never came on for me.

  2. Dana says:

    Yeah…I want to see a pic of the fairy light too!

  3. Swati says:

    I love it that you have this going on for you. It must be so comforting.

  4. admin says:

    Oh wait, I gotta another story for ya later! ;-)

  5. Leah Clark says:

    It was pretty cool to be there last time and see it on!!!

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