It would appear that Andrew is popping in all over the place and visiting people, people we have never met…yet. One is a new client of Martin’s and the other is the woman in Australia who spoke about Andrew to her church about IIAGD.

First, this client had told Martin that she been automatic writing for the longest time, “Andrew WILL call you.” She has a friend, Andrew, that she’s been estranged from for about a year. But it just dawned on her with Martin’s conversation, that maybe it’s OUR Andrew that’s calling her/getting in touch with her on this day. She had a dream like she’s never had before, about a year ago. Her friend Andrew, so she thought, was playing his guitar but he didn’t know that she was listening in this dream. She HEARD the most amazing, glorious, beautiful music she had ever heard in her dream. She couldn’t explain it. She heard it as if it was going on right that instant in real life but she was dreaming. Now she is wondering if it wasn’t OUR Andrew in her dream and not her friend. Interesting huh?

Here’s the next one;

“Hi Witchy,

(((Andrew))) sure is a busy lad isn’t he? I haven’t been on the board for awhile. I have been very ill in fact thought I may be off home myself. lol. But strangely enough (((Andrew))) has come into my thoughts quite a few times lately and I did wonder if he was trying to help, as I had a peaceful feeling about it. I actually awoke one night to singing and Andrew’s name popped into my head as clear as a bell. After reading your post, I think it may be so. Wow I really have just put it all together..In love light.”

I just love hearing these stories. It only confirms that all is in Divine order and that Andrew can affect more people from where he is now.(mama gene still hates it tho baaaawaaaa) I think we just may have an Andrewham on our hands here! LMAO! Ham being the operative word maybe? ;-) Move over Ester Hicks! :-D Here comes The Muckaham. ROFLMAO! It’s funny no matter how you say it!…Andrewham, Muckaham. lol lol I slay me! Ok, I may have waited a wee bit too late to post. The price we pay to make Swati happy! :-D :-D

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3 Responses to ANDREW POPPINS

  1. Leah Clark says:

    OMG – Andrewham… I think it’s funny because it has “Andrew” and “Wham” in there. Like Emeril’s “Bam”! Maybe Andrewbam? LOLOL LMAO Just shows I shouldn’t post after late-night gigs. hahahahaha!

  2. Swati says:

    WOW!! Those are AMAZING stories! When I read that she dreamt of Andrew playing the guitar, I too thought it must have been PureHeart Andrew. Thanks for posting these Connie!

    [quote]The price we pay to make Swati happy! [/quote]
    Whistling very innocently…I didn’t do anything :-P

  3. Dana says:

    *quote* I think it’s funny because it has “Andrew” and “Wham” in there. *quote*

    OMG Leah! I thought the same thing when I read that! :D

    I think that is way coolio Connie! I’ve told you before that Andrew pops in when I doing readings for some folks with messages! All accurate of course and the folks are impressed!

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