Git Along Lil Doggie!

My now 12 lbs, (note to self, put Merlin on a diet) co-dependent, long haired, black and tan dapple, wiener dog, likes to get his vitamin D in the morning by sitting in the sun on the back patio. He does his usual scoping out the patio area around the pool/frog pond. He lets the lizards know who’s boss out there. When he’s done, and he feels his work is done for a while, he barks to come inside.Martin went outside the other day while Merlin was still doing his morning thing to notice Merlin in quite a state! His ears were pulled back like they were pinned to his head and Merlin was looking behind himself barkin. Merlin had yellow petals from the tree that sheds onto out patio all over him. Martin thought it was odd to see him trying to look at his back barking, he doesn’t chase his tail. That’s when Martin heard “Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!” He tunes in to see a pixie and a brownie riding Merlin with his ears being the reigns! To them Merlin is like a horse, not a small wiener dog. LOL  :-D

Martin couldn’t help but laugh at what they had done to Merlin. The Fae love messin around with animals. I have to admit, it’s kinda fun to watch even if you can’t see the Fae, you see the result and it’s pretty funny. A friend of ours told us years ago about how the Fae mess with his St Bernard. He’d go barking into the bushes and come out with faeries hanging from his whiskers! LMAO!

Martin eventually told the pixie and brownie, “Get back in the yard!” They did and he fixed Merlin’s ears and brushed the yellow petals off him before he let Merlin inside.

Most people are unaware of the Elementals in their yard, but make no mistake, they are there! It makes life more interesting when you acknowledge and work with them. Watch your cat or dog the next time they are in the yard and appear to be barking at “nothing.” That’s a good time to practice seeing what is really going on with them and getting to know your unseen ‘neighbors’. ;-)


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3 Responses to Git Along Lil Doggie!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Awww… poor Merlin! But I’m sure it looked funny!!! Can’t wait to get a dachsie smooch when I’m there on the 22nd!! It’s All Good, even doggie spit! :)

  2. admin says:

    I LOVE my doggie spit!!!! His breath is much better now!

  3. Karen T. says:

    No offense to merlin, but ewwww!

    Cool what happened with the wee people and Mr Merlin. Should have to take a look outside and see what I can see soon….well, after it cools anyway. :0)

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