Today I was sitting here on my laptop doing the usual, Facebook, Farmville on FB, reading posts on FB, making announcements on FB about upcoming concert and Light The Night Walk, when my nephew Mark in Ireland IMs me. He was setting his mother, my sis in law, up on Facebook so she too can have no life other than a cyber one. :-)

I asked about a profile pic of her but Mark said he was waiting on my other nephew Patrick, (Irish in laws, so there’s a helluva lot of them) to accept his mother’s friend request to access his photoies. I told him I had Patrick’s graduation pics and to look there. As I was guiding him on where to look, I got caught up in looking at Andrew’s pics.

As I was promoting the Light The Night Walk and Int’l It’s All Good Day, I would wonder about Andrew and what he was doing, then a song would come on the tv music station that reminded me of him. Like ‘Viva La Vida’,(after he crossed) and ‘Chasing Cars.’ (while we were in hospital) I guess he was letting me know that he was right there with me.

So as I was perusing Muck’s photoies, missing him beyond belief, last week was a rough one. I still get overwhelmed with everything I have to deal with and it eventually gets the better of me and I succumb to the grief and stress. Anyway, as I was looking at the pics of my Muck, a song comes on the tv music station that I didn’t really pay attention to, until…until I hear, “She’s got no gagina! She’s got no gagina!” I started LMAO then something else happens. As I am looking thru Muck’s pics it skips one and it goes to the next one of Muck with his big grin standing with his PICU nurse Julie. He wanted to make sure I knew he was laughing right there with me. So there I sat laughing and crying with my Muck.

You see, when Andrew was about 4yo he saw the Alanis Morrisette music video of “Thank U” where she’s walking down a busy city street, NY perhaps, wearing no clothes and has no “gagina.” Andrew pointed that out. It was soooo funny! He reminded me of that today. Man! I miss my Muck!


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3 Responses to THANK U INDIA

  1. Karen T. says:

    I wish you more “contact” and “sight” of him so you don’t miss him so much! Hugs Connie.

  2. Adele Luxa says:

    Hi Connie and Martin, I’ll be thinking about your family tommorrow 10/22 and the great Andrew that I grew to know and love in such a short period of time. Peace, love and light Adele Luxa

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