Martin and I had a freaky deaky thing happen with Andrew today. It even freaked Martin’s freak!

We were sitting in the living room catching up on some DVR’d tv shows minding our own bees wax before I had to go to work and Martin to a gig. Martin set me up a computer in the living room with a 19inch flat screen monitor a few months ago, my I-Pad wasn’t cutting it & I needed a computer since my laptop took a dump. I put my feet gently up on the coffee table to do some typing. I say gently because of what happened next.

As I GENTLY go to put my feet on the coffee table I hear something fall. I couldn’t see what fell because of the monitor, which now totally bums me out! I said to Martin, “I didn’t do that! It wasn’t me!” I didn’t want to get the blame for something falling that I know I didn’t cause. Let’s just say I am not known for my graceful moves. Much to my surprise I didn’t have to defend myself. Martin knew it wasn’t me.

Martin proceeds to tell me that he watched as his glasses moved and then fell off the wooden photo album we have for Andrew’s pictures, hit the coffee and then onto the floor. Martin was even shaking as he picked his glasses off the floor! He couldn’t believe what he just saw.

Martin then tells me that he heard Andrew say, “Opps Daddy! Sorry, I didn’t mean to touch the glasses so hard!” Then he hears Andrew laughing. Martin was stunned, which isn’t easy to do! Surprisingly enough he didn’t see Andrew, but he did feel Andrew’s energy very strongly. So strong that Martin was expecting to be able to reach out and hug Andrew, his energy was that strong.

As Martin tells me what Andrew had said to him, I got the “Ghost” scene in my head with Patrick Swayze trying to move the bottle cap in the subway terminal. I told Martin that and Martin replies, “that is exactly what Andrew was trying to do.” And when he did it, Martin’s glasses went flying! LOL

So in my head I am asking Andrew why he was trying to do that? I mean he has moved things before like his stuffed dragon from the back of his dresser onto his meditation chair the first Christmas he wasn’t here. Or moving one of his crystal spheres right in front of Martin. He did it by the speed of thought. He was always talking about the speed of thought even when he was here.

So why was he trying to move something in this way? That’s when I heard him say, “I wanted to go old school for a change Mommy.” LOL That boy of mine be cray! It made our day for Martin and I. We just love these moments when Andrew stuns us like he always did and the 3 of us get to laugh together like we use to do.

It’s All Good!

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  1. Look forward to when you all work together all the time.

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