A Healing Visitation By PureHeart

I am always in awe of how magnificent my son truly is. How lucky I am to be part of such a powerful Soul’s purpose like Andrew’s/PureHeart’s is. Yes, it has been devastating for me as a mother, but on a Soul level it is beyond magnificent to be part of this journey with my son. And Leah is just one of the many reasons why.

You can read about Leah in my book “No Regrets.” I have blogged before about her profound experiences with PureHeart. We came to know Leah when Andrew was in hospital. She wrote the song, “Let Well Being Flow” for him, baked him Mounds cookies, & visited us while we were in hospital.

Leah had a stroke a few years ago in her early 40’s. It has left her with eye sight issues that she has had to have several surgeries/procedures on, and PureHeart did help with all that too. Well, here is her latest encounter with PureHeart.

Leah’s Story:

PureHeart showed up today during my eye procedure. He was just hanging out, looking awesome. LOL Then I started to get really nervous, and he walked over and put his hand on my heart. He said, “Remember this: Your heart chakra is very important. Now open it, and you’ll feel better.” So I did, and I felt calmer right away.

Then, he stood in front of me with his back to me and his arm held out for me to take it and walk beside him. I said, “Where are we going?” And he said, “Back.” I didn’t realize what he meant at first – but it wound up being a past life regression. Turns out, I died in Saudi Arabia in 1955, of a bullet wound. I was female, and I was shot for declaring an opposing viewpoint to the regime.

PureHeart said, “You’re going blind because you’re afraid to present an opposing view to the current “regime” in your life. Your spirit is afraid to speak up. If you can release that fear and speak your mind, you’ll see things more clearly.” He added. “But your self-expression must be done in a spirit of love – it has to come from the heart.” I always see him with the emerald heart on the band around his head – this will help me remember.

How amazing is that?! My son is just so damn cool! I was so right on when I wrote on Andrew’s Poster for his service, “To Be Continued!” Little did I know just how profound that would be. I just knew it wasn’t the end! It was only the end of our physical relationship with our son, and a new one was just beginning! A new one I am still trying to adjust to, but I am getting there!

For those that may have joined us late (like 6yrs late) and may not know that PureHeart was the name given to my son when he crossed over. So when we refer to PureHeart, that is Andrew’s Higher Consciousness & Muck is our nickname for him when he was here. So we’ve got 3 names for him, Andrew, The Muck, and PureHeart. All of this info is in my book “No Regrets” available on Amazon & for e-readers, just in case you want to catch up. ;-) It’s my blog so I can shamelessly plug my book NO REGRETS =D

Look close at the picture, click on it if ya gotta and you’ll see my “To Be Continued…”



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  1. Amazing update. Very special moment

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