I was hoping Muck would turn on his faerie light on Christmas Eve, I had asked him to earlier in the week, it let’s me know he’s with us. I know that he is, but it’s nice to have some sort of physical sign to confirm it. Well, he did just that! He turned on the faerie light on Christmas Eve day. He let me know he was right there with us Christmas Eve. I turned it off on Boxing Day, December 26th and thanked him and let him know it means so much to me when he does that.

Now we move forward to Tuesday. I had my ass handed to me at work, oh yes, season is definitely here! I was so sore, tired and miserable, wondering if any of this is worth it! I felt like a horse with a broken leg that needed to be put down, just put me out of misery already! My body takes a beating, my mind takes a beating, why am I doing this again? *FYI that’s rhetorical* I go into his bathroom for a very long over due pee because peeing at work just isn’t an option, there’s no time, and what was on? Andrew’s faerie light! This time I felt it was 2 fold, 1. it’s a (((HUG))) for his Pretty Mama after a hard day at work and 2. for what I was going to be doing later.

I was going to the hospital with Elatia and J.R. that Tuesday night for the labor and delivery ward tour. I want to participate in everything! Of course I still have worries about everything going on, will Elatia’s delivery go ok? Will the baby be healthy? After living at a children’s hospital for 4 months, you see what can go wrong. After losing a child, you now how things can change so fast. So yes, I am a little gun shy with all of this. When I see the faerie light on I feel, I mean I really feel Muck letting me know that EVERYTHING that I have concerns about is going to be ok! I left it on through New Year’s Day morning. I didn’t want to take a chance of it not coming on for New Year’s Eve. Oh me of little faith! Shame on me! But I do what I do to make me happy. That faerie light is my beacon of light from my Mucker. I find some peace with that faerie light when its on. So I’ll take Muck’s word for it that everything will be ok, because after all, his word is very faerie true!


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2 Responses to FAERIE TRUE!

  1. Karen T says:

    And the light is beautiful to me. I can only imagine how you must feel when you see it come on!

  2. admin says:

    I came home from a long day at work and it was on last night. It’s like my “Welcome Home Pretty Mama!” hug from him. I’d prefer a REAL hug, but I’ll take this one. At least it’s something!

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