This New Year’s Eve we were going to do the usual, go to the Irish Rover. We’ve been doing that for years now. After Andrew passed it was the only place I felt safe being out in public for events. Everyone pulled together at the Irish Rover when were in hospital with Andrew, so they know what we have been through and are good with us. They supported us when we wanted to do our shows there as well. So other than staying home, the Irish Rover is the only place we like to be for New Year’s Eve. Plus it’s close to Elatia’s job so we can spend New Year’s Eve with her too when she gets off work.

Well, this New Year’s Eve ended up being different, waaay different. Martin was asked by Justin, creator of Rhythm In The Night, an Irish step dance troop, to perform at his show on New Year’s Eve in down town Sarasota. Justin wanted Martin sing an Irish tune during each costume change. Martin asked me what I thought, I told him “YES!!” I told him that he needs to be seen at places other than the Irish Rover. Down town Sarasota would be a great place to be seen by a wide variety group of people. I wasn’t thrilled about going down town because I am still very hyper sensitive to crowds of any kind, but I thought it was a great opportunity for Martin, so I sucked it up, found them big girl panties again, and went. We had no idea exactly where it was going to be down town, at a club parking lot on a stage or what. All I knew was that Martin needed to be seen in more than one place. Martin called Justin and told him he’d do it.

We knew Martin would be singing in front of a larger group than the Irish Rover, which is a max of 150 people, but we had no idea how big this event was going to really be! Martin sang on stage by himself with just his guitar on the ABC News channel 7 stage, where the pineapple drops at midnight, in front of around 10,000 people! Talk about craziness! Martin was nervous all day and he didn’t even know it would be 10,000 people!

Martin goes up to do his first song and his voice does what? IT CRACKS! I thought Peter Brady was up there for a second! I thought, “uh-oh, this ain’t good!”He clears his throat and starts again and he’s great! Afterward he tells me what happened at that moment. He said after his voice cracked he felt a smack on his back and he looked around to see who it was, but no one was there. Then Martin hears, “Don’t worry Daddy, I got your back!” Then he felt Andrew move into his energy and Martin’s voice belts out nice and strong. I even got a picture of a white orb above Martin as he was getting ready to get up on stage.

Martin did a fabulous job! He ROCKED it, even though it wasn’t very well organized and things went wrong. Martin has been bitten by the performing bug in a HUGE way now! He wants him more of that size audience. I told him to talk to his son.

This could be the year it happens too. Someone was there that saw Martin and has strong connections in the entertainment industry and thinks they know someone who would be interested in what we do. SO stay tuned! We are looking forward to HUGE gifts from Heaven in 2011!


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4 Responses to I GOT YOUR BACK

  1. kerri says:

    pics!!! where are the pics??? i love seeing stuff like that. i have been so into it lately. idk why, but out of no where i am interested. so i would love to see the pic of the orb for sure.
    glad it went well for u guys. i soooo feel ya with the crowd thing. u must be an empath. i am learning. lol.
    and if i am asking anyway, r there anymore videos of ur muck that u could post. i feel i need to see more. arent i the greedy one tonight? lol
    thanks again for all u do!

  2. admin says:

    There is a video of him on here that was done for his benefit at the Beach Club. It’s under media and then videos. It’s the last one that sayd Beach Club Benefit. I was just thinking that we had to get all the video we have of him from 3 mo on and put it on dvd. I think we are finally at a place where we can watch them. The pic is on my FB NYE album.

    With crowds, I still feel like I have layers of skin ripped off so I am very hypersensitive to them. I get easily overwhelmed still. It gets hard for me at work as well when we are very busy. Too many ppl in my personal space really gets to me. I’ll be out there soon to be a full time Grammy C :-D

  3. Karen T says:

    Woohoo! Wish I could’ve been there!

  4. admin says:

    The kids woulda loved it Karen, all the rides, but it was too much for me! Martin said he would do it again in a heart beat if he’s asked. UGH! Altho it is exciting to see him up on stage in front of that many people.

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