As you know already, Martin does commercial readings and they can be quite tough with all the questions about loser relationships. Martin is honest and doesn’t string them along. When he sees the guy is a loser or he isn’t coming back, he tells them this even if it’s not what they want to hear.

I’ll keep track of psychics on the line where he works and how many people they have in their queue. I’m collecting data if you will. I am curious as to who is really busy, well that and the fact I have no life perhaps. When I see some of these psychics that are very busy, I don’t doubt that they are good, but I know they are not better than Martin. So what are they doing to stay so busy? I did notice they are not on as many hours as Martin, so that is part of it, but I want to get to the bottom of it.

Well, Andrew showed Martin exactly what the deal was. Andrew appears to Martin and he says, “here’s the deal Daddy, if you want to be busier,” Andrew had a roll of blank paper like we use to draw on in school. Andrew, with a big red crayon, starts writing names of clients and drawing time frames. Martin recognized some of the names. Andrew tells Martin, “you see Daddy, when a client calls about a loser relationship, instead of telling them, “no, he’s not coming back” tell them in 3 months she should hear from him.” Then Andrew draws more red lines to another 3 months out, “when they call again, and make no mistake they will call again with the same damn question, tell them some other lame excuse why he hasn’t come back, that’s all they want to hear anyway, they don’t want to hear the truth, and so on. Then you can string them along for about year before they finally get the hint that he isn’t coming back, he’s not leaving his wife or girlfriend, and he’s not going to change.”

Andrew had some green circles around 6 names as well, those were people from another psychic line Martin worked for. He only thought he had 3 of them find him from there but apparently there were a few more. They probably didn’t tell Martin who they were to see if he gave the same reading as before.

Once Martin figured out what Andrew was doing, taking the piss out of what some commercial psychics do, it was too late, Andrew was laughing and pointing at Martin that he got him! Martin was looking so intently, really paying attention to what Andrew was drawing he didn’t realize at first he was taking the piss out of it. Martin hangs on Andrew’s every word, and really why wouldn’t you? It’s usually pretty darn good & important stuff and Andrew took advantage of that.
A lot of the clients that hang up on Martin and tell him he’s full of shit, do call back apologizing for hanging up him and saying that, because he was right on the money with their situation and usually the only one who was because he doesn’t tell them what they want to hear. Why you would call a psychic and want to be lied to is beyond me! But they do! Hence making the job very draining sometimes.

Andrew does what he can to keep things interesting for Martin. Like the other day showing up with a big ole honking piece of round cheese he was eating and saying “I like cheese!” His fav random saying. He looks at Martin then says, “It’s All Gouda!” bada-bump! *groan* That’s my boy!


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