Faerie Nice to Meet You

When we go to S Miami and stay with our friends, we like to play with the Fae. Like I said in the previous post, they have a fabulous yard that is extremely faerie friendly. A few years ago Martin was asked to come by and “activate” their yard. Meaning Martin connected with the Elementals in their yard and did a formal introduction for our friends so they could be more connected to the Fae. Our friend really works in her yard with fruit trees, herbs, and bee friendly flowers, it is faerie heaven in my opinion. It feels like heaven as a human too actually! Martin got names of the “head” Elemental in each part of her yard.

Every time we go there, Martin has very cool experiences with the Fae in their yard, you know, mono y mono. I’ll have to write about his experiences some time. I wrote about one of his experiences in my last post.

When we were there last month in July, we decided to see if we could get pictures of actual faerie orbs. When we first went out, we didn’t get anything, nada, zippo! Not even a bug showed up in any pictures. I told Martin he should get his guitar and start singing. After all they LOVE his song, “Only Love Is Real!”

Another time when we were visiting our friends last year, and Martin was out in their yard communing with the Fae, the Fae asked him to sing “Only Love Is Real!” after they gave Martin his guitar pic back. You see, he had “lost” (or was it was stolen? ;-) ) the pic in the yard the last time we were there a few months prior while out communing with them. He sang Only love Is Real acapella for them when they asked him to. So I figured it might work this time. AND it did! Even Andrew showed up in an orb! Those are the first pictures below I believe.

This last time we visited our friends, we watched a documentary on orbs, which discussed how to get orbs to show up in pictures on purpose. They seem to appear when there is a lot of joy and happiness in the air OR when you consciously and politely ask them to. Also when using a flash on a camera, they can harness the energy to manifest in a picture.

There is a whole technical explanation how this works with digital cameras, but I am not going into that here. I just don’t care, I just know they show up. I don’t need to know the mechanics of how it’s done.

Martin and I were watching a movie with her daughter when our friend came down stairs and said the faeries woke her up and wanted her to take pictures. I was happy to hear this because I was disappointed we hadn’t gone out and played with the Fae this trip, especially after the documentary on orbs. So at 1:30am the 3 of us go into the yard and start connecting with our Fae friends.

Our friend starts taking pictures while Martin is throwing coins into the bushes asking them to come out and play, they love their shiny objects!

At first there was absolutely nothing in the pictures, but it didn’t take long before it looked like we were having a full on party with the faeries! I mean it looks like there are twinkle lights in the trees, but NOPE! That is all faerie energy in them thar trees! Martin and I were surrounded by orbs in the pictures! I even saw a cluster of energy in one of the flashes as our friend took a picture! O M G! It was so cool!

I think because of the activation Martin did a few years ago, also our friend being so respectful of the Elementals in her yard, us going out each time and connecting with them when we do visit, and all of us setting our intent, the faeries were more than happy to come out and play. Plus the offering of shiny objects didn’t hurt either! ;-)

When we were there last month, I saw something I hadn’t seen before, a few orbs half in this dimension and half in an another! Martin said that orbs are portals and are used to peer in on us! So I guess that makes Faeries and Beings from other dimensions, Peeping Toms! lol That info kinda blew my mind, yet made total sense at the same time. Ahhhh the incredible wonders of the Universe that we can see when we decide to open our minds and our hearts, and leave the old worn out dogmas behind us! It is truly spectacular!

So if you want to capture faerie orbs in your yard, talk to the faeries, don’t worry about what the neighbors think! Thank the fae for being there, make an offering of coins, or anything shiny, we use crystals and marbles as well. They also like sweets, and alcohol. =D Yep, you read that right! They like beer or sweet liqueur.

In the documentary they said it may take you taking a few hundred pics to catch orbs, but it didn’t us that much at all! A digital camera works best. I haven’t gotten anything on my cell phone camera, but my old digital I have. I caught some orbs recently in Andrew’s room when I was taking a picture of Kaliana. I actually saw them with my physical eyes fly across the room in a split second, and I was so excited that I caught it on the camera as well!

While we did make a faerie garden, I haven’t gotten any orbs yet. I haven’t really tried hard either, but I will be connecting with them more now, making more offerings with them again, and asking them to please show up for me. You know I will post them here.

I loved how we didn’t have anything at all at first, then we were flooded with them. I think they do that on purpose so it can’t be explained away. That’s what I got from them anyway.

Enjoy the photees!

Martin starting to play and sing

Martin starting to play and sing to entice the faeries, it worked as you will see. July 20, 2014

July 20-2014 Smiley Faces while Martin playing 2084 cropped

Orbs starting to appear

July 20-2014 Bright Blue orb & 1 other close up 2086

Orbs between dimensions! July 20, 2014

Aug 20-2014 Connie & Martin 2146

Aug 20, 2014 Orbs starting to appear

Aug 20-2014 Connie & Martin NO orbs 2147

Before the partay began! Aug 20, 2014

Aug 20-2014 Connie & Martin LOTS of orbs 2151

It’s a partay now! Aug 20, 2014

Aug 20-2014 bigger  bright whte orb by peacepole 2153

Aug 20, 2014

July 20-2014 orb by owl statue 2087

Another one peeking through half in & half out. July 20, 2014

July 21-2014 Martin Fox orb close up 2 2080

Can you see the wee fox face in this one? July 20, 2014

Aug 20-2014 half orb closeup red yellow white blue 2154

Between dimensions

Aug 20-2014 orb collection 2154

different shapes, sizes and colors Aug 20 2014

July 20-2014 2 Bright orbs & others 2079 close up July 20-2014 2 Bright orbs July 20-2014 Martin & Piper Pure Heart orb closeup  2085 cropped July 20-2014 orb face on Stemmadenia tree & 1 other 2083 cropped Aug 20-2014 LOTS of orbs closeup 2152 Aug 20-2014 LOTS of orbs closeup of red white green blue 2152 Aug 20-2014 orb collection other tiny face 2154 Aug 20-2014 orb face or rings closeup 2155The Movie Orbs

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