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We are working our Shift Happens page on Facebook. So if you’re looking for inspirational quotes, pictures, articles and things that will shift your consciousness, LIKE OUR PAGE! If you do, you will get a FREE gift! An e-book called “Millionaire Mind.” I’ve downloaded the e-book and looking forward to reading it.

We’ll be sharing PureHeart quotes and channels as well as others’ work who we think are worth sharing. We will be sharing FREE “shift” we come across it, like the “Millionaire Mind.” Ok, we paid for it, but you get it for FREE! We would also like to hear what you would like to see and read as well.

Once we have this cancer thingy beat with Martin, we are looking to start up our radio show again, or perhaps a live web tv broadcast. We are currently looking into all our options.

So go LIKE our page NOW if you haven’t already, get your FREE e-book, even if you have already liked it, AND SHARE the page with your friends & neighbas! Don’t be shy! Let’s get this shift happening!

Shift Happens on Facebook

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