That’s pretty much who the Muck appears to be lately, Dr Who. Just showing up all over the place helping people.

I am hearing lately that people are seeing him more, dreaming about him, feeling him around more, helping out in healing sessions, coming through as a Spirit Guide for some. Pretty amazing stuff! You’d think I’d be seeing him more too or something! But NooooooOOOoooo! STILL working on that one.

One of our friend’s daughters, who never met Andrew, has been having dreams about him. Actually all of these people that are having experiences with Andrew, didn’t know him while he was here. Wild weird stuff huh? Andrew’s not telling Martin why this is happening. Andrew is really racking up his smacks for when I see him again!

It feels like something is afoot, just not sure what it is yet! AND a certain Avatar ain’t spilling the beans either! Soooo NOT fair! Gimme something to hold onto here Muck as to why all this has happened. I deserve at least that much!


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2 Responses to DR WHO?

  1. Karen T says:

    It would be nice for you to know….just saying!!

  2. admin says:

    yea it would fer feck sake!

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