No! Wait! Other car!

Today is a perfect example of why we don’t let Martin drive or go out on his own very often. Not only is it his no sense of direction skills but also the fact he isn’t in his body for long lengths of time.

Martin and I go out together today to run some errands. He wanted to stop off at 7-11. His and Andrew’s fav outings were to 7-11. When Andrew would hear that Martin was making a 7-11 run, he’d coming barreling out of his room like a wolf spider saying “I wanna go! Wait for me!”

I decided to wait in the car and let Martin go into 7-11 on his own. No biggie, right?? SO as I am sitting there, I watch as Martin comes out of 7-11 laughing and heads in the the opposite direction of our car! I figured he’d notice that he was going in the wrong direction but nope! I watch as he goes over to a black SUV’s passenger side a few cars down. I’m thinking OMG! He’s going to get in that car!

Then I see him walk out from behind said black SUV laughing even more! I was LMAO anxiously awaiting what the hell was going through his head as he nearly got into another car that someone was actually sitting in!

He gets in and starts to explain but first saying, “You couldn’t have honked?” LOL  Now what would have been the fun in that?! :-D He explained that when he laughs, he feels Andrew’s energy more and got caught up in it and wasn’t paying attention. Well, he must’ve really been feeling Andrew! And he did!

As he went to reach for the black SUV’s door he hears Andrew say, in his best Simon Cowel voice, “Other car Daddy,” and then showed him the whole American Idol audition scene as the contestants almost always reached for the wrong door. When Martin realized what he was doing, and that it was NOT me sitting in this car, he hears Andrew say, “Hey, how’s it going Daddy?” Well, the 3 of us laughed all the way home! Just like the lil piggy! LOL


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3 Responses to OTHER DOOR…UH

  1. Karen T says:

    Awww man! I was so hoping you would type that he got in…LMAO!!

    Poor Martin! Good thing Andrew has his back at those moments…LMAO!!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Awww… poor Martin! LMAO though… :)

  3. admin says:

    It was something to behold! I really thought he was gonna get into that other car! hahahahahaha

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