Andrew was up to his old tricks again during a reading yesterday. Martin had a client that was wondering if her fairly new ex boyfriend had Alzheimers. Martin informed her that he is not allowed to diagnose anything in a reading.

Martin then sees Andrew and sez, “go on Daddy, you know you want to!” Martin tells him, “No I don’t!” …”Yes you do!”… “No I don’t!” SO they go back and forth with this and the client says, “I know you can’t but can you give me your opinion?” Martin tells her again that he is really not allowed to give any kind of diagnosis. As he is explaining this to her, Andrew has his Dr gear on. He has a white lab coat and the old head piece with the round silver thingy on the forehead that the Dr.s use to wear, on.

Andrew takes the guy’s Higher Self and sits him in a chair and asks him to open wide and say Ahhhhhhhhhh. As Andrew looks down this guy’s throat, he strokes his chin then says, “Nope! No Alzheimers aqui!” Ok, how funny is that?!

I think Muck kept insisting Martin do it so Muck could play Dr. and wear the Dr gear. I also think he wanted to play with Martin a bit too and have some fun. :-D


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