Martin had an acupuncture appointment today. Martin being Martin, he took this time to spend with Andrew. This is a great time for Martin to just go outta body and play with his son. He had 40 mins to kill.

Martin said that he and Andrew were riding up in the clouds together holding hands. Andrew said “Doesn’t this feel great Daddy? Just floating free?” Martin replied, “Yes, it sure does Muck, I love it!” Then Andrew says, “Do you think we look gay from down there holding hands?” Martin; “Don’t care, this could look like Broke Back Mountain gay, I don’t care! I’m just enjoying my time with you!” They both had a good laugh and continued floating on the clouds until his Dr pulled the pins out. He didn’t even fly around the room when she did that! LOL

Ahhhh father and son time in clouds, how nice!


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