Justa wondering. I know I haven’t been on much. I’ve been wanting to but just don’t have the time. The lap tops aren’t picking up the internet at most places we go and the transformer for charging isn’t doing it’s job properly. It starts to smell like something is burning after a while…that ain’t good!

I have to get ready in a bit to go back to Derry for Martin’s psychic party tonight. Chrissy is taking us by the Giant’s Causeway. A very cool spot and a must see when ever you go to the North but we have yet to see it after all these years coming here.

It’s pissing down rain right now, as usual! But that means nothing! It could get sunny in a matter of minutes, that’s the way it was yesterday. It rained all last night and still is at 12:15p.m. Hopefully by the time we leave it will at least have stopped raining so we can enjoy the Causeway.

It’s gotten colder since we’ve been here as well too! Brrrrrrrrr for us Florida peeps! It has been pretty mild up to now

It was good craic last night! It was great to see old friends I haven’t seen in years, hang out with the cuzs like old times and meet new ones I have heard so much about! There was no dance floor so we had to dance by our tables. It worked out. The time flew! I couldn’t believe we had been there for 6 hours! We were starving after! Hadn’t eaten since 2:30p.m.

Unfortunately we weren’t in town because there we would ALWAYS stop off at wee pizza place, Little Italy and get a personal pizza to go. The place is only open at night for the drunk people coming out of the clubs & it’s packed! But worth the wait. Well, at least in the middle of the night when you’re drunk and hungry! I’m talking about the others of course! *whistles and rolls eyes innocently*

I know you are waiting on some Andrew stories but there again I want to wait until I have the time and can write properly.

Just got news that the party in Donegal is canceled till next week so we don’t have any rush to leave other than to try and catch the Causeway before it gets dark. And it gets dark earlier here. May have some time in a bit to write about Andrew. Till then….


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7 Responses to DO YA MISS ME YET?

  1. Anna Taylor says:

    Totally know what you mean about the rain! It’s pouring down here too! I know you like the cooler weather Connie but you can probably see why people like me are really wanting some warm, sunny weather by now!!! :D

    And yeah, of course we miss you!! Can’t wait to hear more stories!! Glad you had lots of fun last night.

    Lots of love and hugs,

    Anna xxx

  2. Denise says:

    Of Course WE MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!LOL I have no morning reading to go with me coffee HE HE I to am so glade you had such a good time.

    Smells like something is burning ??? HMMMMMMMM

    I agree not good !!!!!!!!????/?????????????????????

  3. Dana says:

    Of course I miss you! I agree with Denise, I need to have someplace to come online with my morning cuppa *grin*

    Darnit! Now I definitely need to starting planning our next Irish vacay. Hubby said the last time we were there that the next time we’d go to the north! It sounds amazing Connie!

  4. Denise says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures, I know Elatia has taken lots and lots. Realy do miss ya.

    Wish I was there ,found out some interesting stuff about the Sullivan side of the family while I was searching Ireland sites


  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Yes, Anna this weather is getting to be a bit too much! It’s still raining and I’m freezing! My fingers are little icicycles now! Last night it came in handy when it became a sauna in the club. I stood outside in the cold breeze with no coat and arms stretched out! It felt great! Don’t these club owners get they have FREE air conditioning! Open a window for chissakes! I’m surprised no one fainted from the heat inside.

    I really want to get on here and keep a reg schedule going to keep the fans :-D happy & make sure you keep coming back but it’s just not possible right now.

    Thanks for staying tuned in!

  6. Leah Clark says:

    RRRRRRRRRRRR… had a comment all written out but because I didn’t fill in my info, it lost it. rrrrr…

    Anyhoo, it was all about how much we miss all of you!!! And are looking forward to your return home.

    And how fun it is that we all beat Swati to the punch AGAIN!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!


  7. Swati says:

    (ignoring Leah and the rest and pretending I’m the first to post here)

    Of course I miss you!! Thats why I was asking you when you’ll come back. Come back soon will ya??

    And its been drizzling here too. :)

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