Is the absolute BEST! I sent them a letter, well to Terri actually, knowing it probably wouldn’t get to her anyways but I didn’t care. I just wanted to let her know what an inspiration her and Bindi are to me. They have suffered such a traumatic loss as well, we all felt Steve’s loss deeply. Their courage and grace has helped me with Andrew’s ascension. I know they can carry on because they are able to carry on Steve’s work that keeps Terri moving forward. That is what will keep me going is working with Andrew. With out that I don’t know what I’d do!

I sent the e-mail just for my own peace of mind to put my feelings out there about Terri and Bindi. Well, the very next day I got an e-mail from Australia Zoo and not a form e-mail either saying they received my e-mail, but an actual e-mail from someone there that read my e-mail! I couldn’t believe it! I was deeply touched that someine there took the time to respond to me so quickly.

Hopefully one day I will be able to meet Terri and Bindi Irwin and hug them in person. I understand how you all feel about us because that is the way I feel about Terri, Bindi & the whole Australia Zoo family. We all love Steve so much like you love Andrew and the Irwin’s family loss was our loss too just like our tragic loss of Andrew’s physical being is yours. It only proves that we are all One!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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6 Responses to AUSTRALIA ZOO

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Connie –

    It is always nice to get an actual email from someone at a place like that. And who knows??? maybe Steve put in a good word for ya ‘cuz Andrew asked him to…

    Love and miss you guys! Hope the psychic party is/was a hit! Wish we coulda been there! I think you need to schedule one after you get home. (nudge nudge wink nudge nudge)

    HUGS again! AND beat Swati again! hahahahahahhaha….

  2. Denise says:

    Ya Swati must be sleeping hahahahaha ……….,

    Psychic party after you get home Hmmm thats a thought??!!!

    Thats Awesome that you got the email and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get
    one from Terri also soon

  3. Dana says:

    Dittos to everyone’s response here! I’d love a reason to go to Florida (and escape the Michigan winter – *grin*

    You know, I’m not too surprised that you got an actual email cuz Steve (and Terri and Bindi) just strike me as ‘that kind of loving folks’. I’m sure their staff is on the same page as well!


  4. Swati says:

    (Still ignoring Leah and the rest…and still pretending I’m the first to post)

    I really liked the way you used Steve and how you feel his loss and his family’s the way we feel about Andrew and you guys…


  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Hmmm Leah, sure we could have a psychic party at our house just let me know how many would like to come and we’ll do it! Martin will want the numbers in order to do it. I know Elatia and Denise will probably rally a few. I can plan one for Jan. Need time to get the office in order.

    Swati I like your style! Very funny, you make denial work for you! LOL

    Dana, wouldn’t blame ya for wanting to escape that kind of weather! If this cold rainy crap doesn’t stop here I’ll be ready to leave sooner!

  6. Karen T. says:

    I’d be in for a party and I’d bring a few peeps with me. Hey, Maybe I could bring the hubby and then he’d surely convert to a believing soul…LOL!
    I cried tons for Terri Irwin and the kids. He was another, like your Andrew, that just touched my heart with who he was. I really felt their loss, as I did yours. And I am not surprised that you got an actual person to respond from the zoo. I agree that their people would be like them.

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