Dead Like Me….Again

I was channel surfing last night and just “happened” to come across the show “Dead Like Me” again, AND the same episode that I blogged about on Jan 9th 2008 was on. What a “coincidence,” huh? Yeah, whateva! Only this time maybe it wasn’t just for me. While it was such a great reminder for me, and I’ll need reminders for as long as I am here, I believe I need to blog about this again for others as well.

For those that don’t know what “Dead Like Me” is about, it’s about an 18yo girl named George, who is killed by a space station toilet that crashes to Earth. So yes, it’s a dark comedy about death. Let’s say because she had a less than stellar attitude while living, she was not moving on, but instead was going to be a reaper. There is a group of them that meet every morning at a diner for their daily reaps, and Rube is the head reaper for this group, handing out his yellow stickies with their reap info for the day on them. Oh yes, very official. LOL

This episode was about George getting her first reap, a 9yo little girl on a train. George had a real hard time reaping her and saved her instead during the train accident that was suppose to take the little girl’s life. They end up in a forest where the train fell off the track. Rube meets George in the forest and tells her how she MUST reap the little girl. George said, with tears in her eyes, it wasn’t fair, she was just a little girl and shouldn’t have to go so soon.

Rube informed George that if she didn’t reap the little girl that her soul would rot inside her body, and she wouldn’t have this great life that George believes she would. He tells George how this 9yo’s soul has an expiration date for this body no matter how young she is. Her soul was only meant to be here until she was 9yo, and if the soul doesn’t leave when it is suppose to, things would not go well for her. Her soul had other things it needed to do and had to move on. I remember Martin telling me that about Andrew. Martin said if Andrew had of stayed, he wouldn’t have stayed the amazing young man that he was. His Soul needed to move on and to his Higher purpose or he would have shriveled up in his body here.

So George begrudgingly reaps the little girl by gently touching her face with reaper intent, with tears in her eyes, and the little girl dies. George and Rube walk with her into the forest holding her hands when these swirling Lights show up and an amusement park appears. The little girl instinctively and happily runs towards it giggling. George asked why an amusement park, and Rube said, “It’s not for us to know.” I just LOVE that answer! There are just some things on this Earth we are not suppose to know! AND we have to accept that.

I’m glad I saw this episode again, it was a great reminder that we really can’t go before our time, and we have to trust that a Soul’s purpose is being fulfilled no matter how painful it may be for us as parents or the loved ones left behind. We need to see the beauty of being part of such a powerful Soul’s purpose when we lose a child. It is not for the faint of heart to take on the roll of the parent of a Soul that isn’t staying here long, that is fo sho.

For us who have children on the Other Side, they honor us for having the strength to take on this roll this lifetime. When we see them again, we will be so happy that we chose to do it even more so when we see the bigger picture! After all the heartache and grief is said and done, and as we hold our child once again in our arms, we’ll be able to say, “Yup! You were right!…..

It IS All Good!

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7 Responses to Dead Like Me….Again

  1. Karen Curry says:

    Connie, I do believe that this is the most beautiful and powerful piece you’ve ever written. Well done! And I honor your Grace, Courage and divine allowing of the mysterious order that we’ll always wonder about while we are down here pretending to be humans.

  2. Karen T says:

    Agreeing with Karen C! Wow Connie! Wow!

    Love and admiration….

  3. admin says:

    Thank you both Karens! I really appreciate it. This journey has been an extremely hard one. One I never expected I would have to take, especially with Andrew, the lover of Earth life so much.

    It was just so weird that I “happened” to come across the series again AND the episode that hit me between the eyes over 4 yrs ago. I debated on whether to write about it again, but Andrew nudged me to since I have more friends now that have lost a child.

    I am always happy when a blog post touches someone’s heart & soul,it reminds me that there is a bigger purpose in all of this! xoxoxox

  4. Not surprising to read with all your new life coming together again for you. Reminders are a good thing when you are in a better place to remember them. Hugs to you both. Great blog this morning.

  5. Lee Silidker says:

    You are an amazing woman….. to have gone through the loss of your wonderful son…. heal and then continue…. in his name.. to share, laugh, cry and talk about him as you do…. Oh Connie…. what you and Martin have done with this brings all of us closer, knowing that one day, we will all be together again, holding each other and hugging out loved ones…. I do amire you so! Much love always… Lee

  6. admin says:

    Thank you Lee! I love people commenting here that knew Andrew when he was little. No coincidence that we met up again at Crystal Vision after all these years. Andrew is bringing so many of us together again. He is giving hope when so many have lost it. I am so honored to be apart of his Soul’s journey, it is such a powerful one. I honor all those that are able to see it with us! Thank you!

  7. Jill F. says:

    An awesome message, Connie. I am so glad that I read it just is giving me the little lift I needed to keep going on this day.

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