I had been wondering if John Edward was still on. I was channel surfing tonight and disappointed that Eli Stone wasn’t on tonight. TV is my life right now while I wait for mine to start again. Well, I found John Edward’s Cross Country on. One of the shows I had seen before was on and I had a feeling it was one that had a lot of signs for me and I was right!

I know I had written before about this but I think it’s worth repeating. Plus I was looking for it and paying attention more. John asked a mother who lost her 7yo son, “Who had the blood disorder like leukemia or AIDS?” He repeated leukemia and hemorrhage. Andrew had a lung bleed when he crossed. The woman’s brother shot himself but John said “no, that’s not it. There is someone with them who crossed from blood disorder.” That Spirit was never validated. But it gets better, then John asks “Who is the P like Patrick or Pat, Pete, Patrick?” That was never validated. Well, Andrew’s friend Pat stopped by today to say HI.

On another show there was a handsome 20yo young man who lost his mother and he said his mother was his best friend. His name was Andrew. Wes was watching it with me and grinned when he heard the guys name was Andrew.

I think John knows when a Spirit is showing up for a home viewer when he can’t validate info in the audience, even though it’s for the future, John knows there is no time and how it works. It was very cool to see again.

Martin and I were out running errands Friday. I dragged him with me to the fabric store for my outfit for Kona. There was an elderly man in line behind us in a wheelchair. He was talking to everyone and anyone who would listen and respond. I told Martin not to look into his eyes because we’ll be stuck in a long conversation with him. I see Martin smile and he sez “too late.” The gentleman says to people in line “These malls are all alike yet different.” Andrew is standing behind Martin and sez “Just like I said Daddy, the wisdom of the elderly in action…” Well, Martin and I LOAO all the way to our car when he told me! I love our family outtings. Just like old times in a new way. Yea, I’m still working on accepting the new way. I still love the old way better!!


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  1. Jane says:

    Connie – well, what a coincidence that you mentioned John Edward. I had purchased an Aussie women’s mag that now has John Edward doing a brand new column in it. He has never written a column before. Readers could send in a question or other details to request a reading. I only sent the email a couple of minutes before reading your post.

    In regards to watching the show, that has happened to me too. Some of the messages, I swear, are spot on for me and I end up in tears at the wonderment of it all. I don’t seem to catch his show more than 1 out of every 5 or more. If you are meant to get the message, you are meant to get it.

  2. Leah Clark says:

    I remember, before my “change of heart and mind”, that I scoffed at John Edward and others like him as scam artists. I guess I’m gonna have to go check him out!!! I never thought about that possibly being a source of messages for me! :)

  3. Joanie Light says:

    That same show that had messages for you had messages for me from my mother. I know which episode you mean. The information was claimed by someone, so I guess I’m the psychic Me Too, but there were about five names he mentioned that were either my sisters or my mother’s sisters.

    Way back when John Edward had his first show, I wasn’t sure if he was the real deal or not. It was before I took mediumship and was in psychic denial. While I was watching, in my head I thought, “If this is for real, he’ll mention my grandfather’s nickname.” About ten minutes later, he said he was getting a William who went by Big Bill. That’s it!! I don’t think anyone claimed it either. Knowing that those shows are prerecorded and I didn’t always watch ever episode, I jumped straight up off the couch and said a few choice exclamations.

    I think the new episodes are starting again soon.

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    I would ask John if he knows that Spirits show up for home viewers which is why sometimes information isn’t validated. I was hoping it was the same show that he asked who Andrew was when they were goin to commercial break. Now that woulda been waaaaay over the top! I know he understands that but I’d love to hear him explain it. I think it may be too woo woo for mainstream tv. I think messages definitely come through for home viewers that ARE also validated in the audience. It just shows that we are all truly one.

  5. Swati says:

    [quote]On another show there was a handsome 20yo young man who lost his mother and he said his mother was his best friend. His name was Andrew. Wes was watching it with me and grinned when he heard the guys name was Andrew.[/quote] This seems certainly arranged for you! :-D

  6. Jane says:

    (((Connie))) – would you like to send him that question? The email addy is [email protected]. Write your first name, your state and the title of the person you would like to contact OR the question you would to like to ask. In the subject put ‘John Edward”.

  7. Pretty Mama says:

    Thanks Jane I will! I don’t think it was a coincidence either Swati! Nice to see some peeps on here finally. I wrote this Sat night. I have another one for tonight, but it’s about another layer of the grief process when losing a child to an illness. Boy! It’s really the gift that keeps on giving! I wish it would stop!

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