It appears that things are on the upswing for a change. It certainly helps when things start going well to help one’s state of mind. It also helps in being able to stay focused on positive thoughts. After 18 months, Martin and I are starting to finally see a shift in energy. Are we outta the woods yet? No, but at least there is a path forming. That is enough for me to be able to have hope again that things WILL go our way, that things WILL start happening for us. *doin big ass happy dance!*

I have to say, I whipped out Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters and Arch Angels book on Tuesday for meditation class and started looking for who to call on for financial & career support. When I use the book in Ireland with a rental car issue we had it was incredible the results we got! A new rental car replacement for 3 weeks for FREE!

I know Andrew is a busy Avatar and is working in our favor but I decided to call in some more troops. I needed something to do anyway. ;-) When I did, things started happening and it gave me a break from the grief and trauma. Grief and trauma can really beat a person down!

I went shopping with Colleen and Denise for material for my Halloween costume for Kona on Saturday. As I was checking out, the woman said something about kids wanting all kinds of things made for them at Halloween. Then she says “You’ll find out when you have kids.”!!!!!! That’s like getting carded isn’t it??? She didn’t think I had any kids yet! Well, that just made my day! I’ve been having a great week! It’s been so long since I’ve had one of those. I was beginning to think that I was going to be life’s punching bag for the rest of my life! I know, a bit drama queenie, but that is how I’ve been feeling lately. I am enjoying getting a break from the grief for awhile…scratch that awhile crap! FOREVER! It’s lonnnnnnnng over due! Ive done my time on the grief and trauma line! It’s time to CONGA!!! :-D
Off to bask in the higher vibrational glow and work on keeping it going forever & ever & ever & ever & EVER!!!!

IT’S ALL GOOD! (finally)

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  1. Leila says:

    ((((Connie)))) YAY!!!!! :-)
    It’s all good and it keeps getting better and better!!!

    btw-I heard that Tom Petty song yesterday–I hadn’t heard it in yrs! :-)

  2. Swati says:

    LOL!!! That is awesome!!! And how do you use that book to make things happen?

  3. Lord Horus says:

    You can’t do a happy dance and not tell us what your doing it for?.. lol.. What’s the great news then? Inquiring Minds want to know… well whatever it is.. Im just Happy that It IS.. and IT WILL BE.. All Good.

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Yaaay! Doing a big ass happy dance for ya! So tell me – who did you call on???

  5. admin says:

    I called on Abundantia and AeraCura. Both help with prosperity, AreaCura also helps artists and nonconformists. Know anyone like that? :-D

    Ok LH here’s the great news and this is all it took to help me feel better. We got some work in with readings and classes that will pay our mortgage for a month so now we’ll only be 2 months behind instead of 3 in Sept! See??? It really doesn’t take much to make me happy! I also talked to an old friend that I use to have so much fun with when we were staffing for Doreen. It was good to reconnect and clear some of the energy of you know who. She who can not be named! It was a fun conversation and really lifted my spirits.

    All those things together helped shift the trauma energy that has been hanging around me. I have started affirming again every morning and night the things I want to draw into my life and it is finally paying off! I was getting so tired of being pummeled by non stop BS! SO this little break has done huge wonders for my morale. The only thing left I could do to try and change things was to just affirm the things I wanted. Looking for a job hasn’t panned out. I really was beginning to think that my life was always going to be this shitty and I didn’t want to stay for it! I have had enough! No exaggeration, I really thought I was losing my mind. Any mother can attest that that is how they would feel losing a child. Well, I have had that, plus all this other BS to deal with. So yea, wasn’t seeing any reason to keep staying here just to keep being a punching bag. It has been getting too hard to hang on. I am tired of everything being so GD hard! It wasn’t worth it to me anymore.

    Just having one great day really helped me to refuel a bit. Martin and I have more on the ball, even now, than most people we know! Certainly more so than people going through similar situations. We are going through all this SOBER! No self medicating, no running away, facing everything head on. We haven’t lost who we are. We don’t deserve this continued BS! We are doing all the right things and when it isn’t enough you begin to wonder why the hell bother. So when even something small comes in, it feels like winning the lottery at this point. It is helping me to focus on the positive and actually believe that good things can happen again. It feels good! I like feeling good! I wanna keep feeling good!

  6. Lord Horus says:

    I also heard something mentioned about Dr. Phil?…. Anyway, IM so Very Thrilled that things are turning around.. I’m also having some very good things starting to happen…. like the stimulus check FINALLY showing up… I’m having a lot of success with the way Gregg Braden describes using the Matrix… BUT anyway Things HAD to turn around for You guys sooner or later.. I’m glad its finally happening..

  7. Tammy says:

    We can stay there was just thinking of availabilty…….I just checked & we are golden in that time frame…just need a confirmed date from you guys. OH wouldn’t it be cool if I had them “check” my records to see if we could get the same rooms?? Would you be ok with that? I think personally it would be cool!!!
    Let me know what you think….
    I think that things coming “AROUND” to your way of thinking is AWESOME!!!
    Love ya

  8. Dana says:

    Good for you Connie (abundance coming in!)

    Jeremy – I just received ‘The Divine Matrix’ from yesterday! Tis my second book by Gregg and I’m lovin’ him so far!

    Starting college again next week! Plus 40 hrs / week of work …. *EEK!*

  9. Pretty Mama says:

    Same rooms is fine with me! You know Andrew will be there interacting with us so it may feel like old times, in a new way, if we play our cards right. I texted you the date, Oct 23rd. I was thinking about trying to get tickets to Two and a Half Men or another sitcom for Friday the 24th but that may be pushing it time wise.

    Hopefully I’ll have some exciting news soon. Keeping my fingers and eyes crossed!

    Good luck Dana!!

  10. Tammy says:

    Ok…the 23rd…I didn’t get the text, or I don’t remember seeing it!!!
    I will book the room tomorrow…..YEAH!!!!

    Cool!!!!!! I will look forward to hearing it!!!
    off to work…night

  11. Leo says:

    (((!!!))) Connie! I am so happy for you. Loved the conga dance line. :-)

    I’m glad you had the healing conversation with the staffer. :-)


  12. Swati says:

    Ok, time for a new blog entry! Where are you Connie?


  13. Pretty Mama says:

    Just waiting for something worth writing about.

  14. Karen T. says:

    Yay!! Been away for a bit and just caught up. Wish I’d known all of this on Sunday when I saw you…would’ve hugged you bigger. :) Yay and yay!!! Happy dancin’ too!!

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