Check! Check! Is This Thing On?

Well, I had an interesting thing happen last night while I was sleeping. I only remember it happening one other time, and that was before Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia.

I am very please that I have been sleeping on my own without any melatonin for awhile now. I still don’t get 8 hrs straight of solid sleep, but it’s better than what I have been getting the past 5 years since Andrew left. I’ll take any win I can on this grief trail!

So last night while sleeping, I am woken up by someone in my ear saying, “Mommy! Or Connie!” Not really sure which because I was starting to come out of my deep slumber that I don’t get much of, but I manage to grunt a “yes?” Then I realize that it wasn’t Martin! What the? Who the? He was sound asleep, as was my co-dependent, longhaired wiener dog, Merlin. I realize it wasn’t anyone in the physical! Because if it was, that would have been even scarier since Martin was asleep, and I woulda needed a baseball bat! And I don’t have one handy! Now that I think about it, I think there may have been more conversation going on, but audibly hearing someone call my name startled me out of my sleep somewhat, so I can’t really fully remember.

When I realized that someone in the non physical was calling my name, my heart started pounding so fast and hard! I had to deep breathe to calm myself down before I went into cardiac arrest! LOL I was excited and stunned. I wanted to figure out why I heard it, and what was it all about. I tried to go back into a twilight sleep to see if I could tap into who it was, and continue the conversation, but I fell asleep instead. I didn’t want to just assume it was Andrew, especially since I wasn’t sure if I heard Connie or Mommy.

I wondered if Martin would pick up anything about what might have been going on when I finally got to tell him. I don’t get as many answers as you might think from good ole “Psychic Boy.” It frustrates me sometimes! Anyway, when I tell him, he starts to laugh and he has that look he gets when he’s talking to Andrew. YAY! I may actually get an answer from him.

Martin was laughing because when I told Martin the story, Andrew says to him, “Check! Check! Is this thing on?” Andrew was doing a sound check with me to see if I could hear him. When I normally do hear him, it’s never audible. It’s just quick thoughts that come into my head and it’s not on demand. It happens randomly. That’s my issue, not Andrew’s. That is usually how mediums get information, very seldom is it actually audible.

I guess this ties into Andrew telling me I would be the one channeling him.┬áIt would appear Andrew was doing a sound check to make sure my channels are opening up and getting ready to go to work. ;-) So now I guess I wait and see what he has for me next. I’m practicing that patience thang everyone keeps always talking to me about.

It’s All Good!!!


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  1. think I will write a few things down and send them to you to meditate and ask Andrew about. Give you some practise there. I understand the heart thing and having a bat handy. It’s important to be able to feel safe when letting yourself go to the other side. It’ll come..

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