Spirit Photo Bombing

I have always known that Kaliana could see Andrew since she was a tiny baby. When I pointed to Andrew’s picture the other day, and asked her who that was, Kaliana said, “Andrew!” While I do talk about him to her, it’s not all the time. With toddlers having the attention span of a gnat, I didn’t expect her to say Andrew. That is how I know he spends time with her, she does recognize him in pictures.

Now, the other day something really interesting happened. Kaliana was over and we keep all the doors to the bedrooms shut to keep the K-Storm out. I think her name explains it all. She was standing in front of Andrew’s bedroom door wanting in, she likes to play in there on his bed and with his toys. His bed is a toddler’s dream land with all the cuddly toys.

Martin decides he’s up for playing in Muck’s room with her. Martin opens the door and Kaliana stands there a bit startled. Right before she points and says, “Ghost,” Martin hears “Uh-oh! My bad!” It was Andrew letting Martin know it was him she was seeing. Martin said Andrew let him know it was a full apparition of him that she saw. We had no idea that she even knew the word ghost! I know, surprising for us, but ghost really is not a word we use an awful lot. It’s usually spirit we say.

Martin feels Andrew but didn’t see him, which is unusual for Martin. He goes into Andrew’s room on his bed but the K-Storm wasn’t buying it. So Martin tells Kaliana that it was ok, it was just her Uncle Andrew that she saw. After he explains that to her, she says, “ok!” Then she goes into the bedroom laughing and her and Dabaa (her name for Martin) play in Muck’s room for awhile.

Andrew’s been popping up lately, photo bombing and in peoples’ dreams, not my dreams mind you, but others. Some people who have never met him except through my writing. Not sure what that is all about.

Andrew ¬†did nothing spectacular for his 22nd birthday, which was on Mother’s Day as well this year, and he was born on Mother’s Day. So I was a little disappointed in that. That is a lie! I was HUGELY disappointed. Been feeling the grief thing about his birthday. While I would have loved something as amazing as his spirit portrait by Roger Hanson that he gave me last year, I would have been happy with anything! Not even one of his friends acknowledged his birthday. That made me sad since several of them are close by again.

But I do have some pictures to post that he photo bombed. One is with CJ, one of his best friends. His step mother recently sent them to me. And the others are at Elatia’s new house.

Martin and I were at Elatia’s new house for dinner and some hot tub time last week. I asked Martin to take some pictures of me, Elatia, Kaliana and JR, Elatia’s boyfriend in the hot tub. In 3 of the pictures a HUGE orange orb shows up over me and a little bit over Elatia. Another HUGE orb that is very light is over JR & Kaliana.

I asked Andrew why an orange orb? He told me, “you use what you got Mommy! As a spirit we use whatever energy is available to us at the time to photo bomb.” That totally made sense to me believe it or not. I believe the other orb is someone from JR’s side of the family, perhaps his Grandma Jane who passed when Elatia was pregnant with Kaliana. Elatia and JR would spend as much time as they could with her. At 85yo she blew them off for a visit because she was just too busy, which I thought was cool. It’s great to be that busy at 85yo! ¬†Unfortunately she passed away a few days later unexpectedly.

With CJ, I think it is Andrew and CJ’s grandfather, who knew Andrew. Since the orbs are only on CJ, I know they are connected to him and not the baby he is holding.

Ya gotta love photo bombing by Spirit. I would prefer pictures with Andrew to be in the physical, but this is the next best thing!

It’s All Good!

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  1. Orbs are always amazing things.

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