Man!!! I’m having a real hard time typing the word patience! I spit that word whenever I have to say it. But it looks like that is the word on the street with this new information from Andrew, p a t i e n c e. Needless to say being a red headed, Leo, Wise One who lost her son, patience is not one of my stronger suits. While it’s not my strong suit, being patient regarding this matter is a little easier because this isn’t about me. This one is ALL about Andrew/PureHeart. This is his gig. All I have to do is be open and follow his instructions.

I did realize he has been prepping me recently. Little tests here and there, practice runs if you will. For instance, at our last mediumship event on April 23rd in Ft Lauderdale, he put me through a little practice run. At the start of our events, I always go over what we have for sale, like my book, NO REGRETS, and Martin’s meditation cd’s, because I would always forget to do it at the end. Well this time when talking about my book, I got all choked up! That has NEVER happened to me before! I did not see that one coming! I could feel Andrew’s loving energy surrounding me. I couldn’t talk about my book without crying. So I had to ask who in the audience had read my book, and to please say something nice about it. It didn’t hit me until after that huge epiphany on May 4th what that was all about.

Andrew/PureHeart’s energy is so powerful that it does bring you to tears. It is a pure, powerful love. And he’s not even shooting with both barrels with me yet! I just heard, “baby steps PrettyMama!” He’s too funny! So that is what he is doing with me now, working with me in handling his energy in front of people and not becoming a pile of goo in the process. Kind of like how Mr. Miagee worked with prepping Danielson in The Karate Kid for his big event, so he didn’t get pulverized. Although Andrew better not give me manual labor to do for practice. I draw the line there! Although my car could use a good wash and waxing. ;-)

The same thing happened while on my jog last week when I was putting the puzzle together with the sidewalk signs. I could feel Andrew/PureHeart’s energy so strong that it did bring me to tears again. Even seeing the, “Andrew’s Plumbing” van the other day choked me up when I tried to tell Martin what Andrew was telling me. It’s this amazing energy that Andrew/PureHeart surrounds me with that chokes me up, which is not conducive to audience channelling! =D Hence the prep work Andrew is doing with me now.

The big one of course was when he told me that I would be the one channeling him. His energy was so strong, like I said before, I can’t even put it into words what I was feeling then. He had me at a much Higher vibration. That one sent me over the edge and into a pile of goo because I was so overwhelmed by the info, and the energy that he surrounded me with. It looks like this one may take me awhile to get. It also looks like Andrew may be the one who needs to be the patient one now! BOOYA!


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  1. You will need to learn to trust and let go of this world so that he can come through. That might be harder for you. Big Hugs and cherish the goo!

  2. admin says:

    Right now he is training me to deal with his energy first before we move onto the next step, whatever that may be. I’m just going with the flow and let him do his thang with me. I trust his process with me. He knows he’s always got Martin there to help move things along if need be. ;-)

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