Avatar, My Airbender

Martin and I were out today and stopped off for something to eat. While enjoying our lunch I happen to notice someone walk by that caught my eye. It was someone I haven’t seen in maybe 5 years. Someone we met in our store back in 2003 that became a regular fixture in our store. I was so surprised to see him, his name is Nick. Our store really opened his intuitive gifts and he went from Comcast to channeling and being a massage therapist. Coming into our store and meeting us changed his life and it was good to see that he is still on his spiritual path.

Anyway, we had a great conversation with him catching up. He is still very much into his intuitive gifts and has continued to work on them. We told him that we are pulling together a program for parents of intuitive children, which he thought was a much needed service.

We talked about how enlightened these kids are now a days and that the public school system and the food are not serving them in the least. He also knows how these kids now have a higher vibration than what we had at their age and they will not take the nonsense they are being fed, on all levels. They are here to shift the consciousness of the planet and it is our job to support them.

I talked to him about Andrew knowing he was an Avatar while he was here. How he told me he was one while in the PICU in the beginning of our leukemia journey. I went on to tell Nick about the night Andrew told me this information and how 4 Avatars appeared on the tv screen that had the cosmos on it. Andrew went on to describe each Avatar and the messages they were giving him.

Nick brought up the interesting point that perhaps they were part of his “crew” that were there to take Andrew at the appropriate time. If Martin and I had not stepped up to the plate, then they would have taken Andrew the first week like the doctors thought he would go. The doctors thought Andrew wouldn’t make it to the 2nd floor, the oncology floor, but we showed them who they were dealing with.

I never thought about who they might have been, or why they were showing themselves to Andrew that night, I was still trying to wrap my head around what just happened to my son and our lives. But I guess since Andrew is an Avatar, they must’ve been his posse, his counsel of Avatars. That is some really powerful information! It may seem like common sense conclusion, but we are still taking in everything that has happened to us these past 6 years and trying to make sense of it all, so the penny hasn’t dropped on everything yet. I know I was blown away by the information these Avatars were giving Andrew, but also knew I wouldn’t remember it. Well consciously anyway, but on a cellular level I knew I would. It was an amazing night, even through all the trauma, and after talking to Nick today, it seems even more profound.

This has been one helluva interesting journey with that son of mine that continues to unfold. More pieces of the puzzle keep coming together. I look forward to more of it unfolding because I know we have yet to begin scratching the surface of this intense and powerful journey that we are on with our Avatar, our son, our PureHeart.


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  1. It has been an interesting journey to watch from this side also. Amazing how someone else is passing back through your life to remind you of little details. Fills in some blanks in the story. Hugs

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