Dancing In The Moon Light

Martin took a notion yesterday, while Kaliana was here, and put batteries in the singing crescent moon we have in Andrew’s bathroom. It’s been up there for years, when I think about it, it’s been about 10-12 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Honestly I have to reference Andrew’s passing to get a timeline for things because time really has no meaning to me anymore. I really thought that singing moon had been up there for like 5 years or so, but Andrew has been “gone” for over 6 years and he was a little guy when I got it. His passing date helps me to keep track of the time that has passed. Things have become BD, ie Before Diagnosis, and AD, After Diagnosis.

Andrew used to hit that damn singing moon every time he went into or by his bathroom. He looked for any excuse to go near his bathroom, so I’d hear “Dancing In The Moon Light” A LOT when we first got it. What was I thinking buying a singing moon with a young boy in the house!? LOL I miss those days!

A little while after Andrew passed, Martin and I were sitting in the living room when we heard it go off on it’s own out of the blue. I believe I blogged about it then. I believe it only went off that one time and we knew who the culprit was, a son helping his grieving parents get through. We haven’t messed with that moon in years, until yesterday when Martin put in batteries from the Dollar Tree. Hmmm I wonder who inspired him to do that one!

Let’s just say that Kalitana,(what she calls herself now) was less than amused by the singing crescent moon. To say she was totally creeped out by it is an understatement. BUT it would appear that Andrew is loving it as much as he use to!

It was going off by itself, it would go off when we turned off the bathroom light. Elatia would hit the button and it wouldn’t sing, but walk out of the bathroom it would go off! Martin showed me how every time he turned off the light it’d go off. It’s battery operated, so the switch has nothing to do with it. Later that day I went into the bathroom and hit the button and it did nothing, but that night when I went in to brush my teeth, it started singing! If you could call it that, remember, it has Dollar Tree batteries in it, so it sounded more possessed than a cheery moon singing. Then it just started making a high pitch noise after that! It was so effin odd!

I asked Martin if Andrew was taking responsibility for all of this and he informs me, “YES!” I asked him why? He replies as I hear the answer myself, “Because he/I can!”

So now we have the Thomas The Tank Engine that likes to go off on it’s own, as well as the crescent moon. Kaliana had the Thomas the Tank Engine last week that she could get to make noise, but when I tried it, NADA! NOTHING! ZIPPO! Not a peep or a chugga chugga out of it! I think Andrew likes to watch me trying to figure this out to make sure it is a paranormal event. Just your average day at the magickal Jordan household! =D


Foot note, I just went into the bathroom to wash my face & use a derma wand on my face (to keep my youthful glow) & it started AGAIN! Nothing all day today, but a Chatty Kathy now. Because they are cheap batteries in it, it doesn’t finish the song and the mouth was open…for a few mins then it closed itself. I pushed the button earlier today, NOTHING again! Pushed it when it stopped just now, NOTHING! I turn off the light and it starts singing AGAIN!  But when I went back in, it didn’t do it! That moon AND my son taunt me! lol104_3143

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