AVATAR indeed!

I got yet another confirmation tonight about how amazing Andrew really was when he was here. Not that this person hasn’t already shared her feelings about Andrew before, but tonight I was able to really let it sink in. I was able to take in the magnitude the effect Andrew had on people he encountered while he was here way before he was diagnosed.

When I talk about him, I know people that don’t know us think I am just a grieving mother talking about her beloved son. But it is so much more than that because I am not the only one that was/is in awe of him. I am not the only one who got to experience him. I am not the only one who was moved by him and saw that he was so much more evolved than most people here.

I am not going to pussy foot around the fact that we did raise an Avatar. I make no apologies for that! The more I think of it, the more I don’t care what people think. If they have a problem with the fact that Avatars do exist, well that is just their damn problem! That is their dogma and not mine. The TRUTH must be told! Andrew was not your average child, he was/is indeed an Avatar! And he has a lot more to teach!

I was talking to a friend in Dublin tonight, Fiona. She was telling me the profound effect Andrew had on her on our visit to Ireland in June 2003. We were staffing Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner(r) class at the time. When Andrew would sit beside her, she could feel his healing energy working on her. It brought tears to her eyes. She said the love she could feel from him just by him entering the room and smiling was unlike anything she has ever experienced before. That is when Martin decided to attune him to Reiki III. So Martin took him inside a faerie ring on Fiona’s parent’s property where we were staying, and attuned him when Andrew was 12years old. Andrew had been hounding Martin to attune him to Reiki III but Martin felt he was too young. Martin couldn’t deny him any longer when Martin saw the effect Andrew had on Fiona by just touching her shoulder.

I have to say I am pretty proud of Martin and I for doing a damn great job raising an Avatar! We gave him the environment to be who he came here to be, and for that, a job well done. I am honored and humbled at the privilege of being entrusted with an Avatar. I feel truly honored to not have only raised one but to carry on his work here.


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