19 years ago today at 2:02p.m. I met the most amazing young man, a real Prince, who would grow into being a real gentleman in every sense of the word, an amazing teacher in just 16 short yrs. You stole my heart for the 2nd time 19yrs ago. It has been an honor and privilege to call you my son. I am deeply humbled to be your mother and a part of your continued Soul’s purpose here. Happy Birthday Muck! I miss you beyond belief and love you from here to infinity and beyond!

I wasn’t planning on having a party this year since his friends have all moved away but one. I made peace with that. I figured we would just go to his fav restaurant, Long Horns for some steakie goodness & go home. But it appears Muck had other plans. Now there is going to be a party for him at the Irish Rover. It has just sorta evolved into one. I’m down with that! :-D Muck is a party planner now! He always did love his birthdays!
I was very surprised to come home from cake and balloon shopping and find flowers for Martin and I with a beautiful card honoring Andrew and his birthday. ((((((Dulcy)))))) you are something else! What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do! You touched my heart! You made my day! THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

While coming up to important days like these I can be emotional, but usually the important day itself is really incredibly joyful! SO thank you to all of you who help make that happen! Hmmmm I should FB that line since most don’t come here! Done!

Well, I’m off to get my party on now! :-D THANKS MUCK!

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  1. Dulcy says:

    (((((((Connie))))))), you’re so very welcome! :)

    Thank you for being YOU…and for sharing your journey. You’re a beautiful, courageous spirit — and YOU rock! :)

    More Love! :)

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