Thank You 2011

As we say good-bye to 2011, I am reminiscent of this past year’s events. First being our amazing granddaughter being born in March. We had our cousin Chrissy here from Ireland for the birth. What an amazing night that was, all of us together while Elatia was in labor, and us holding the space as this new soul was making her way into this dimension. J.R. and I helping Elatia to push. Each of us on either side of her, holding her legs and feet. There is something so primal and sacred about working together bringing a new life into the world. The lights were dim, music gently played, mostly “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from 50 First Dates, as we waited for this amazing young lady to arrive. It was such an amazing moment in time. Well, until the Dr. got his way that is, and made Elatia get a c-section, but we won’t focus on that. We got our healthy Babygirl and that is all that matters!

I had never seen anything like it. Elatia was just shear poetry in motion. She was a true Goddess giving birth. Elatia would go to the higher vibrations with every contraction with such peace and grace, there was this calmness yet shear power about her. Andrew would go to those higher vibrations as well when he had a tough medical test or leukemia treatment to endure. What a blessing as a parent to be able to see both of my kids rise to such occasions. You can’t help but be in awe of it all.

Having Kaliana in our lives has brought a joy I never thought we would feel again. She is helping our hearts to heal. So thank you 2011!

I also released my book, “No Regrets” “A Journey Through Life and Beyond” this year. Wish I can say that it was hassle free, but it was anything but. But we won’t focus on that part of it. I will focus on the amazing way this book has touched the lives of a good number of people. I am once again in awe on the power of this book about Andrew’s journey. Below in the previous post is what someone wrote to me today about the powerful effect this book has had on her life. It may not be thousands or even hundreds of people that have been touched by this book…yet, but the ones it has touched, is pretty profound. And it keeps me going knowing that Andrew is doing so much more great work since he left here. Thank you 2011!

I also started booking mediumship events for us over the summer, and for a change they have been quite successful. I shoulda known talking to dead people would get butts in seats! LOL I am building on the momentum we started on the East Coast of Florida for the upcoming year. I know! The irony of it all! We ran from that area like an alter boy from a priest! And now that is where we are finding our success. Go figure.

I had given up on booking any kind of show in 2009 due to venues closing down or lack of interest in our amazing and powerful “Only Love Is Real” concert. I guess we still needed some down time to grieve. But now? Now is the time for us be out there working with Andrew in a big way. I have a renewed anticipation in our work! Thank you again 2011!

I had been looking for a promoter, agent or manager for a long time to help us pull everything we do together. But alas, like I have said many times, they are like trying to find the elusive unicorn. Well, in the end of 2011 we found our unicorn! What a great way to end the year! We found an intuitive business coach. And when she met Andrew two days before she received my email, I knew she was the one for us! Someone that has business savvy AND consciously works with her Guides? And knows how to work with energy? WOW! Just perfect! Just goes to show it’s all about timing my nizzels. Thank you 2011

2011 has been an amazing year for us! So many blessings! But it is time to bid thee farewell. As we say a fond farewell to 2011, we say hello to 2012, the year of the dragon. I look forward to the blessings 2012 has for us! We also plan on taking an active roll in making them happen! Are you?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make it a great one!


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  1. Adele Luxa says:

    Connie and Jordan,
    love reading your stuff… thinking about taking your class. Keep me posted! your family has taught me so much! thanks Adele Luxa

  2. admin says:

    We would be honored Adele if you took our class! Andrew gave it to me. We have a date for Sarasota, it remains to be seen if it still happens tho. But we have to start somewhere. It will be in the newsletter. You helped make our hospital stay much easier! We are very grateful to you & Betsy!

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