It’s All Good!

It’s emails like these that let me know that my beloved son had a much Higher purpose to fulfill. It also let’s me know that getting the book out there was worth all the hassle and heart ache. Reading emails like this just make my heart sing!

Dear Connie,
As we close out 2011 and step into this prosperous new year of 2012 I would like to share my thoughts and feeling with you on Andrew’s journey through life, love and beyond with No Regrets. His story has touched my heart deeper then even I could ever have imagined. What a precious gem your son is and the gift of his teaching that he has left the world. Although I never had the blessing as others have of meeting him in an earthly way, I met him as his higher self and that is the gift he wanted me to have.

4 months ago I really thought I was slipping off my rocker with all the bazaar series of various events that were taking place in my life. I couldn’t understand any of it! I kept saying to myself “what is going on with me”, I’m I nuts”! Why am I feeling this presence of something / someone I don’t know? Why me, what did I do to attract this? I kept thinking about Whoopi Goldberg in ghost. lol

All the questions I had have manifested to this. I now know that all along it was Andrew who for some reason attached himself to me or as Martin put it Andrew took to me as part of his ‘Soul Family’. He kept hitting me (well not literally, lol) you know what I mean, until I connected with Martin. The voice inside kept telling me that it was “OK” for me to confront Hern/Martin, “He won’t be mad, just DO IT, DO IT, Really Do it”. Connie, these were the words that circled inside my brain. On 10.03.11 @ approx. 10:18am I took the advice of this voice and I DID IT. I admit I was a wee bit nervous but it left me with no regrets for any of it! If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. I love Andrews book so much that I am re-reading it and I look very forward to the continuation of this journey in the next book. I wish you much love & many blessings. Happy New Year! ~Nina~


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