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If you have read my blog from the beginning or my book, No Regrets, you will know who this person is below. Leah is someone we didn’t meet until Andrew was diagnosed. Leah is also someone who has had amazing interaction with Andrew since he crossed, which I have blogged about. Well, here is another one of her beautiful healing encounters with PureHeart and another friend who recently transitioned.


About a week and a half ago, I had laser surgery on my eyes to cauterize leaking blood vessels caused by untreated Diabetes. The surgery was very routine, but the experience was not. I promised to share it with you, so I am keeping that promise here.

On January 14th, I was part of a memorial service for my friend Jeremy’s mom, Laurie McDonald. Jeremy had asked me to sing a few songs, which I was happy to do. He requested my songs I Am and Those Who Knew Him, and I also suggested my version of The Lord’s Prayer from the Aramaic. However, in the days after, I got a strong sense that I was supposed to sing a song I wrote for my friend Andrew Jordan entitled Let Well-Being Flow. Laurie and I had not had much contact while she was here, but I knew she was speaking to me now, and I knew Jeremy would be fine with the change. After all, his mom requested it, so what choice did he have?

The day of Laurie’s service was freezing cold! We met down by the river, friends and family, healers and metaphysicians. Since my stroke and losing about 40 pounds, I feel the cold a lot more than I used to. I shivered and shook, huddling into my jacket and waiting for my turn to sing. Virginia Drake, Jeremy’s mentor, was speaking. She asked us to close our eyes and feel Lori’s energy surrounding us. I did, and I felt it. I also realized that Andrew, or PureHeart (the name he was given after his transition), was there as well. I suddenly felt a great wave of energy wash through me from the top of my head right down to my toes. I wasn’t cold anymore, that’s for sure! “What the heck was THAT?” I asked Andrew. He just smiled with his usual nonchalance and said, “It’s a little something you’ll need on Thursday.” Thursday was the day my laser eye surgery was scheduled for. I’ve learned not to question Andrew, because he’s not going to tell you anything before he’s ready to anyway. I settled into the remaining warmth and participated in the rest of the service.

On Thursday, I was ushered into a clinic room where a nurse explained what would happen during the procedure. They would inject me with super-strength Ibuprofen, which would take care of any discomfort from the surgery. She said that the doctor would probably take two appointments to do the procedure, as most people can’t lie still or tolerate the extent of the treatment in one sitting. They gave me the shot (which HURT!), and I settled back to wait for it to take effect.

Now, this was not a narcotic or an anesthetic, so it shouldn’t have relaxed me – but I was aware that I was entering an altered state of consciousness. I was also aware that I was no longer alone in the room – Laurie and PureHeart were there. PureHeart spoke to me, reminding me that I could meditate during the procedure and it would go smoother. I remember being on a wintry beach, watching whitecaps frothing and feeling the wind on my face. “Just come here and relax if you get anxious. It’s all gonna be fine.” At that point, he continued speaking, but in a language I had never heard before. I realized that he was speaking directly to the cells in my body, preparing them for what was to come, giving them information they would need for the healing process. Through it all, Laurie stood next to me with her hand on my shoulder, smiling quietly. She wore the most beautiful dress – it was sleeveless, green, gathered – it looked like shiny fish scales. I heard her say, “It’s a mermaid dress – tell Jeremy.”

The doctor came back in, turned off the lights and, after making sure I was comfortable, began to shine a very bright light in my eyes. He asked me to look in different directions as he focused the lasers where they needed to go. There was no pain, no discomfort. I realized that Laurie was standing behind me with her hands on either side of my head while Pureheart stood at my feet. I was unaware of the passage of time, floating back and forth between the clinic room and my beach spot. At one point, the doctor said, “This is where I usually stop. How are you doing? Would you like me to stop, or continue?” I told him I was fine, and that as far as I was concerned, he could go on. So he did.

Laurie spoke to me then, and she said, “You sing for so many others – it’s time someone sang for you.” And in a clear, wordless, pure tone unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, she sang to me. I was transfixed and transported by the beauty of her voice. Pureheart spoke again, saying, “Sound is very important for healing. Remember that.” And I floated away once more on the sound of Laurie’s sweet voice.

When the doctor finished, I felt great! No pain, no discomfort – even after the shot wore off! I could tell an immediate difference in my vision (which fluctuates, to a certain extent- all part of the healing process). I pondered why I was so unscathed and received my answer from PureHeart, “Remember that energy burst at Laurie’s service?” I had been given a gift. What an honor!

I just LOVE these kind of stories! It makes my heart sing! When we can get out of the box that a lot of religions and society try to put us in, and open our minds and hearts to the endless possibilities of this expansive Universe, amazing, beautiful things happen. Thank you Leah for being open to receiving love and healing from PureHeart and Laurie. We ALL benefit from your experience!


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