Swati I did post on the announcement board about the mediumship teleclass. I didn’t see you post there, are you slipping me dear sweet stalker?? ha ha ha

Martin, Andrew and I, that’s right! The 3 of us! Due to Swati’s persistence, are looking into doing a mediumship teleclass. We would be using Skype so our international friends could join us easy. It’s a free download to your computer. You’ll love it! It’s so clear!

We are trying to decide if we should do it over 6 weeks 2 hours a week? In which case we’d have to start it next year because of the holidays. OR we could bang it out in a weekend or 2 weekends in a row & do it soon. Any interest??? I know Leah said she was.

The cost would be $349.00 and that includes Martin’s powerful meditation Cd’s on download & yes Swati, I believe there are some notes too! SO let me know if you are interested.

The 2nd exciting announcement Andrew gave us last night! He wants us to start a forum here for discussions AND questions for Andrew! He said he will answer ANY question! The “eternal life” is really bringing him out of his shell! LOL :-D He wasn’t shy as a kid, on the contrary! When he was in school the class room was his stage apparently! Dunno where he got it, *she sez blushing.* LOL Then school took it’s toll and he withdrew which is when we started home schooling. He was better but never as out going as he use to be. He became very weary of people. But he’s back now I tell ya!! ANd I’m loving it! He’s singing over there with his bud John Denver! He’s willing to answer any questions! That’s HUGE!

HOW COOL IS THAT???? SO stay tuned! That will be up soon! Hmmmmmm I wonder who will be posting the most questions???? Swati perhaps?? ;-) I’m predicting Swati and Leah will try to out do one another with the questions!! I can see them feverishly writing already! ROFLMAO!

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  1. Swati says:

    You posted on the announcement board? I haven’t gone there. You know your blog is the page that is open on my computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So this is where I look for info. And I was waiting for you to say something about the mediumship classes here…when you didn’t I thought you guys need some time. I’ll go check the announcement board.

    Of course I am interested Connie! LOL! Why else would I pester you guys? :) I would prefer the 6 weeks format. I don’t want to do it over a weekend. I know I cannot take that. I cannot mentally take it (I have severe ADD! LOL!!), and also having a 17 month old, and a 9 year old will not let me focus for longer than the 2 hours per week. So I do hope you will do it over 6 weeks. And I do want to take it slow and steady..and really let it sink in. I wish to take this very seriously. I have seen how healing mediumship can be…and I want to be good.

    It’ll be so hard waiting till the next year :(. But I guess I’ll keep myself busy with the two books I have ordered on mediumship till then.

    Thank you so much Connie, Martin and Andrew for doing this.

    I was going to ask you to have a forum for the mediumship students to practice, talk, share. But I guess Andrew has an EVEN better idea!! :D I like this even more! So he’ll answer ANY questions? :D :D :D I won’t ask about my keys…promise..I’ll keep them safely ;). Yes I do have tons of questions. When are you starting the forum?


  2. Swati says:

    Connie, Leah where are you? Have you guys left me alone here and gone? Should I throw fit? LOL!!

    Where is the course?

    Where is the forum?

    When can I start asking questions?

    :D :D :D

    Oh, btw, I think Kali had expressed interest too in this course on the blog entry about it.

  3. admin says:

    Ok, so now we need to know what day is good. We’ll start it right after the New Year. I think to try and start it now would be crazy with the holidays coming. People are shopping, going to parties, cooking, traveling ect.

    SO give us ur input peeps! Swati got the ball rolling!

  4. Swati says:

    So will it be 6 weeks? :D

    Some things I was wishing from the class:

    1. Weekly classes.
    2. Homework for each week…lol!! Yes, homework to practice…exercises to do to learn the skills taught in that week’s class.
    3. Written instructions for the week.
    4. Will the recordings be there to download after the class?


  5. Leah Clark says:

    Hello – I have to agree with Swati on this one… I prefer the six week format as well, and I can imagine we’ll all be busy for the next couple of months anyway, so the new year is a great place to start!

  6. Swati says:

    Connie…I’m so sorry for being such a pain about the timings, the days etc…but hubby does not get home before 8:00-8:15pm west coast time :(. So weekdays seems out for me (still thinking how I can make it possible on weekdays if weekdays is when you can do it… :( ). But weekends are great! I really feel bad about being a pain…I have so many contraints..and I hate to make others go according to my convenience. But I want this class so much…

  7. admin says:

    No worries, I was thinking a weekend might work as well so the time could be more flexible in case we have any Aussies.

    It will be recorded and all the other stuff you mentioned.

    I was on here the same time typing as you Swati! LOL

    Martin said the forum will only take a few minutes to set up so I will get him on it! That will take the longest! Getting Martin to do it but I’m sure Andrew will hound him. Martin said he is counting on you Swati!!! :D

  8. Christine Salter says:

    Hi Connie,
    I left you an ezmail on the ATP board. I just wanted to share with people I had the idea yesterday to ask questions to Andrew and today here it is. He wants us to ask. I love the synchronisity. I think he was visiting. Can’t wait to start asking the Avatar :)

    Love to you all,
    Christine Salter

  9. Swati says:

    Yes, and tell Martin I am counting on him for making me a super duper medium. :D I want to tear that darned veil off…I don’t think anything in life hurts me as much as having that veil between me and “home”. I won’t go into details and bug you…but that is the single most upsetting thing for me. And I see mediumship as a great way to get my “home” back to me, and to remove the distaste of “death” from me. I need to see them…I need to hear them…I need to hug them :(. I’ll just shut up..this is an issue too close to my heart.

    Martin, please set up that forum soon? I wish to start talking to Andrew…And how is Martin doing Connie? We never hear from him.

  10. MYRA says:

    I would love to take part, time differences allowing, and New Year would def suit me better financially.
    Can anyone ask Andrew questions or do we have to take the course? I actually talk to him all the time anyway, lol. I would love to know if he’s the one who’s ‘tickling’ me lightly on the left side of my head and the bottom of my left leg. I feel it often and ‘know’ it’s def coming from spirit, and it happened again as I read your post, so just wondered.

    Hugs xx

  11. Karen T. says:

    Very interested, but wondering if it is something anyone with an open mind and heart can learn? And was wondering also if it is something that has to be scheduled, like a class or is it something that you can get to when you can. I have little ones too and work, so I am wondering if I could fit it in or get to it when everyone was sleeping, like I do everything else.
    And as far as the forum goes, I was wondering about asking Andrew questions too! It is amazing to me that he has so far done or said something just after I wondered or thought it quite a few times now. I am a new, but very open mind to all that is happening and am in total awe!

    Love and hugs to you Connie.

  12. admin says:

    The classes are recorded so people who can’t make a class can listen to it when they can. There will be homework. Anyone with an open mind can take the class. Anyone can do this, it just takes practice! Doreen Virtue proved that the very first workshop me and Elatia took of hers in Chicago back in 2001.

    What’s your time zone Myra?? We’re looking at doing it on a Sat. late morning or maybe early afternoon which would be Sunday for any Aussies. We’re looking at the first or 2nd weekend after the New Year.

    Hoping Martin is working on the questions now. ;-)

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