And it is open to everyone who has a question for Andrew or anyone really if you feel guided you may have answer as well. If you have a story to share please do! There’s a thread for that as well.
Martin has a space that he will put messages from Andrew…hmmmm where does that leave me and my blogging then!! :-0 Will have to look into that one! Wot up wid dat??? That thread is just posting the message no one can post to that one. That could change later, who knows.
So the forum has been up and much to my surprise my stalker hasn’t been on yet!! What happened Swati?? LOL Let’s get this party started!!

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4 Responses to THE FORUM IS UP PEEPS!

  1. Denise says:

    Forum link not showing ???

  2. Swati says:

    Where is the forum?? LOL!!!

  3. admin says:

    Ok, Martin found the one but it wouldn’t allow more 250 characters, in words not in people! LOL SOOOOO he is working on getting the new one up. Should be up soon!

    There’s a forum button on the left side on the bottom of main menu list.

  4. Swati says:

    K…It is showing up now, and I went there and posted a message. No images are showing up as yet. And the message typing box is microscopic. So it makes it very difficult to type and see what on earth I am typing. LOL! I guess Martin is working on all that. So will the new forum be here or somewhere else?

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