I was posting this on the comments and realized it was going to be too long for that so I started another post since it is a continuing lesson. :-)

Yup that pretty much sums it up Leah. There are things we have absolute control over and other things are just destined. How do we know the difference?? We really don’t until we see it through. Looking at Andrew I know it to be true. He never faltered on being positive, and choosing his thoughts wisely and carefully.

So the sweeping statement that most New Agers believe, that Andrew attracted this to himself by blocking the flow of life DOES NOT apply! Anyone who actually met him would know that to be true without a doubt! It was a soul contract. It was a gift. Yes, a gift! Andrew knew on a higher level that 1. we would have the last 3 1/2 months of his physical life together in a sacred, special way. He has given us incredible memories of that time together And 2. He would effect a lot more people by being in the hospital. And boy did he! The amount of people that said their lives would be forever changed by knowing Andrew is amazing. It does a mama’s heart good A job well done Muck!

Andrew is (he won’t let me use the word was) a HUGE fan of quantum physics and law of attraction. But we also have soul contracts i.e. destiny. There are certain things we sign up for whether it be to pay back some karma or lessons your soul justs wants to learn.

I think we choose certain situations, for instance, I know Martin , Andrew and I contracted to go through this together. Martin and I said we would give this Avatar the environment he needed to flourish. Now there were times it could’ve gone another way, but we always made it back to what we were suppose to do. We held up our end of the contract…as did Andrew.

NOW the tricky part, here is where free will comes in. Martin and I could CHOOSE A. to wallow in grief and pain and stay stuck and not move forward. OR we could CHOOSE B. to heal and continue giving Andrew’s message of joy, love and peace. I choose B! Is it easy?? Hell to the no it is not! But I’m keeping my eye on the bigger picture here. I stay true to my soul contract I get my castle back and I get to enjoy the rest of my eternal life back home knowing I did a job well done with my Mucker! I’m hoping to get promoted to Spirit Guide next time! ;-)

My uncle lost his 2yr. old son, his only son as well, when I was 14yrs old. It was very tragic. Over 30 yrs. later he is still wallowing in grief and pain & turned to alcohol to numb the pain all these years. I saw him the last time when I was 28 yrs.old and he was just a nasty drunk. He hurt me physically thinking it was funny. He chose a different road than Martin and I are choosing. Maybe the one he chose was right for him. Not for me to decide.

So while some things may be destined, how we choose to deal with them is totally free will!


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  1. Swati says:

    Good Morning! :) What at treat to be here all sleepy and bleary eyed this morning to see so many blog entries. :D

    You are hoping to be promoted to “Spirit Guide”? Maybe you already are one…in the physical. A Spirit Guide who decided to incarnate to teach through her experiences…all of them (from childhood to now)…and also through her reactions and choices. Thats what I think.

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