Ahhhhh Geez!

 The fun just never stops! :\ Just found out his weight and I’m not happy. He was 68kg when he arrived and now he’s 53kg. Dunno what that is in pounds but I know it ain’t good. He was around 138 lbs when we got here. They may want to do a feeding tube soon if he keeps dropping weight. *sigh* Let’s hold the intention that this isn’t neccessary.

He has a CT tomorrow @ noon for his sinuses, lungs, & Goddess knows what else. So of course he can’t eat anything after 8a.m. until after the scan. Vicious circles we have here!

Please see Andrew being able to eat and gaining weight. WHich means his throat has got to be feeling better.

Thank you for holding our son in your prayers. It means the world to us! :blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss

At the moment he is sleeping well. Let’s pray it stays that way for the night!!



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