Those are Andrews words this a.m. when things got tough. Every time he had to cough up something, that’s what he’d say. “Let’s Do this!”

We had a rough few hours early this a.m. (Sunday) with his coughin, gaggin and breathing labored. :\ I had to call Martin at 6 a.m. to come over and :HELP . Martin does hypnotherapy w/him and that helps. He had a fever, his BP was high, and breathing labored. He cried a few times from the pain in his throat when he coughed. :( :(

Martin handles that stuff better than me. The mom gene :hugkiss kicks in high gear & I get emotional. I just want to see him resting comfortably. They gave him a breathing treatment but only for about 5 mins. not the usual 15 mins. AND it took them nearly an hour to come up!!! :x Not acceptable! He needed another breathing treatment later and that time it was done right by “our” reglular guy. :D

Martin took over and I went and got some |I By the time I got back he was resting comfortable. He got on his bike for 20 mins. and has been drinking a lot….of fluids, not alcohol :lol  (that would be me….I kid! The clown house won’t allow it. only the kids get the good drugs! Go figure) SO much so that they are weening him off the electrolytes & lipids. SO that is a good sign.

I wish I could wave my magick wand and it make this disappear :POOF or at the very least look into my :SCRY and see when we’ll be able to come home or ask the mighty :WIZ but I can’t.

Tonight he put on his pink Nana bandana (Yes I said pink) & he actually had 2 bites of a grilled chz sandwich, 2 tlbs of choc pudding, 2bites of banana AND 8 oz of rice dream!! I think the pink bandana gives him the Mr. Miagee attitude…alright maybe a slightly gay Mr. Miagee, thanks Nana!  He aksed for his bandana, I tied it on, it was like he was going to battle. It was a defintie Karate Kid moment only he was going to kick some food ass! He did some deep breathing, some serious concentrating then he went in. He was victorious! Oh hell yea I took a pic! This is worth ALL the dancing icons we got!!! Here we go!!!
:ANGELS2 :belly :CAT :sword :dragon :dance :clover :irish :dance :hula :dog

He’s doing good now so I am happy. His doc this morning said she is very pleased w/his healing!! Woo Hoo So off I go for now :FLY  gonna relax now while he is resting comfortably


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