That would be me peeps! I’m a posting fool tonight!

I have the night shift so I’m up all night. I do that so I can bolt b 4 the docs show up. I’m not good w/the docs. You’d think I’d be resting while Andrew is wouldn’t ya?? But noooooo I don’t. Once I did fall asleep and it only made it harder for me trying to wake up and help him. My eyes were burning, I couldn’t see right, and I was cranky. That’s not good. 2 cranky people??? yea, definitely not good.

Awwwww he just woke up to give me a big smile!!!! How cool! That’s the dolondin smiling! :lol But who cares it was a HUGE smile! He said “Hey mama,” I look over and he just smiled then feel asleep. Ya gotta love that! This kid is ALWAYS positive! Honestly, I am in constant awe of him and I wonder how I got so lucky to have him as my son.

I just have to squash the mom gene :hugkiss a bit. I get too worried about stuff. Martin looks at him coughin and gaggin, turning red, hacking up stuff and sez “good job!” Me?? I wanna cry. :\

Two of his best friends were by today and they were great! Laughing and making fun of hocking up stuff, like boys do anyway. They were wanting to have a contest! :lol ANdrew was laughing on the inside. :lol

I know it bothers them to see Andrew like this but they hide it well. Watching their friend struggling just to drink some gatoraide and then spitting it up all over himself because it wouldn’t go down has got to be hard for a teenager to watch. Then him trying again until he could make it go down. We all applauded.

I know tomorrow…later today, will be even more progress. And I do work hard on staying focused on his progress. That’s where Martin comes in handy. He’s the king of positive spin. Should’ve gone into politics! :lol

:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss


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