6th FUNeral Anniversary

Sunday October 27th is the 6th anniversary of our final goodbye to our beloved son Andrew. It ended up being called a FUNeral because I couldn’t say the other word regarding my son. It just didn’t seem right! So Andrew asked Martin what the first 3 letters of funeral was, hence his FUNeral was born & it was also called the FUNeral Home.

Martin & I did our son’s service because no one else deserved that honor other than us! We started this journey together & we would end this part of it together too. This was the last time we would physically see him & touch our son this lifetime. While it was the end of our physical journey with our 16yo son, it was the beginning of the bigger journey with him, the reason why we incarnated together this lifetime. So yes, Oct 27th is bittersweet for me. BUT! As Andrew ALWAYS said…

It’s All Good!

Videos of our final good bye to our Muck

Part I http://youtu.be/_L48GuZKJBY

Part II http://youtu.be/2ngYc_Gxy8c

Part III http://youtu.be/dvdmOtf91mM

Part IV http://youtu.be/ygrirAjwkmU

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