3 AM

Well, it’s 3 a.m. and Andrew is resting pretty good. I have The Fairy of The Woods CD playing. He’s More restful than he has been. His oxygen levels are great right around 97 right now. We had an issue with it earlier today and he was put on oxygen. Today was a bit of a nightmare w/some doctors. Pulmonary doc came in and said he has lung disease. WTF??? AND they want to do yet another procedure and go into his lungs to get a biopsy. Every test has come back neg. R U kidding me?? They want him to gain weight but r always doin some kind of procedure where they don’t want him to eat! Someone is going to get a smack real soon!

Then the pediactric SURGEON, that’s right surgeon stops by and starts talking about his spleen may have damage right infront of Andrew! In my infinite red headed, wise one, I’m gonna prison stab you way, I told him to NOT talk in the room and to NOT talk to me. He had to wait to talk to my husband got there.

Sooooo I got mad and now searchng for alternative treatments to add because all this crap is waaay to much! They are no longer helping his body get healhy again. It’s just one side effect after another! I put the word out to get GW Harding, best seller of the book The Messengers to call us. He called tonight and he gave us some great advice and is getting the name of a woman who does remote healing.

At 1:00 a.m. Andrew got up to go potty and he then sat in a chair after and I finished his hair cut, I buzzed the rest off. Ok, it does look a bit like a blind guy did it but it was 1a.m. You kow he still looks handsome. Nothing could change his bright, amazing light. He is my sunshine.

Thank you all for leaving comments. He likes when I read them to him. He really appreicates everyone taking the time to write as do I.


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