Down To The Wire

Hey Everybody

Martin here. We are down to the wire now, I can feel it. I am putting the thoughts into getting home with a perfectly healthy boy. I know the real healing will begin once we get him home.

Tomorrow, he has a broncoscopy with wash to determine what it is that is causing the fever thst he has had since he came into the hospital. We are holding the thought that he is a Happy and Healthy Boy.

He rested this weekend and had one x-ray tonight. I also feel that his throat is on the mend and he will be able to eat in the next few days, anything he wants.

He is resting now, but he is getting a little frustrated at the situation. This is the fight in him. Sometimes you have to “Get mad baby.”

Now we are watching “The Secret” again, and getting our heads on straight for the up-coming week. Let’smake this week the last full week we spend in here.


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2 Responses to Down To The Wire

  1. Caz Greene says:

    Sending you all and infinite abundance of LOVE, LOVE AND MORE LOVE – seeing darling Andrew home, completely cured, and so it is!

    You and Connie and Andrew are an inspiration!

    Caz xxoo

  2. admin says:

    Caz thank you for stopping by! I share your visualization w/everyone so they too can hold that visualization along w/us. I think it is so powerful!! Thank you for sharing it!!!

    Lots of love to you!!

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