We found the absolute perfect tree for Andrew’s birthday! WoOT WOoT

Denise found it the other day. Denise was browsing around the Walmart nursery, yes Walmart, who knew. She came across this tree and Andrew said “Yes! That’s it!” and he was clapping that clap of his with that big grin of his so she knew this kind of tree was “the one.”

So her and I went today for me to see it. I liked it especially since it grows fast and will provide much needed shade that we need. As I’m looking at it I asked Andrew, “Muck, what makes this tree special?” I wanted a cool story for the tree ceremony and Andrew does not disappoint!

He sez to me, “Look at the color of the leaves Mommy, what color are they?” I take a close look really paying attention and it dawns on me! I tell him “They are green camouflage!” Muck, “What color are my fav shorts??” Me, “Green camouflage! Very cool Muck!” He then sez “What shape are the leaves Mommy??” I look at them and I get even more excited about this tree and tell him “They are heart shaped! I love it! This is so cool Muck! You are the bomb!” He acknowledged that in deed was da bomb and we shared a mother son moment. I could feel his excitement.

The tree is called a Mayho, it’s in the hibiscus family. It will get 20 feet tall and has flowers that bloom yellow, turn orange then red. It’s going to look gorgeous in our front yard amongst our dry, crunchie grass! :-D (Need a little rain)

So as I’m thinking of the ceremony and what I can do to make it special, I remembered what Andrew’s Aunt Julie did at the memorial in Ireland with the Its All Good ribbons. Then I remembered the Chalice Wells tree in Glastonbury. People tied their wishes on the tree branches there. So I’m going to make paper hearts for Andrew’s friends to write him a message and tie it on the tree.

I’m also thinking about giving each of them one Andrew’s mouth wash containers Andrew insisted on saving while in hospital, (he was really weird about it too. I had to save them ALL! I have well over 30!) with some of his ashes in it to sprinkle at the tree root before we bury it then put a crystal in the container that Andrew picks for each friend. Don’t know how they would feel about that but I will ask.

We will have John Denver music and Martin will sing Dreaming Sea since that song Andrew wrote specifically for Martin and I. I’m sure we’ll come up with other special things to do as well.

As I suspected, those of you who are doing something special for Andrew’s b-day, I knew he would let you know how much he appreciates it. Here’s one example I received today……

“I’m listening to the radio, I hear “change the channel”. I’m thinking about it and I hear “change the channel”, so I do and “Imagine” is playing and I hear “Hi Kimberley,” so I say Hi back-thinking it’s Andrew but not sure- and he say’s “Thank you for the tree.” I was so touched but at the same time had a big grin on my face. I felt him there for a short time and it was beautiful. I sang along and the sadness I was feeling lifted, Thanks Andrew!”

He’s a good child!


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10 Responses to WE FOUND IT!

  1. Karen T. says:

    This is awesome stuff! Andrew amazes me so with the way he does things. I will be by on Monday too. Can’t wait to see his tree. : )

  2. Leila says:

    I sooo wish I could physically be there for the celebration. I will be there–you might not see me—but Andrew will! ;-)

    Tomorrow’s my move day and I will be without internet until Friday (hopefully!!!) but asap I’ll be baaack (I know-don’t threaten you! LOL)

    Much love & hugs precious ((((Pretty Mamma))))


  3. admin says:

    We look forward to seeing you Karen!

    I will definitely miss you being here Leila! Again, thank you so much for everything you have done for us! It is greatly appreciated! Have an easy, smooth move!

  4. Lord Horus says:

    Hehehe.. She said “Smooth move”… Sorry Beavis and Butthead moment.. I’m so amazed at these stories I’m very excited that Andrew stays in such contact with all of us.

    I will be there with You and Martin on Sunday Connie… assuming the Govt gives me my money on Friday like they promised.. LOL

    But I have a story… The last time I was down with you guys.. sheesh like two months ago now.. thanks to gas prices..etc.. Anyway when I was in Andrews Room something fell off his wall and broke a piece off of the amethyst geode he had in his room… Martin said Andrew wanted me to have it and he gave it to me.

    Well a few weeks later my Dad was experiencing some heart problems like very accelerated Heart Rate for no real reason.. though he did over eat.. but I brought the Amethyst Geode into the Living room and placed it near him and I had given him some magnetic Hematite to wear on his wrist.. after a few hours his heart rate went back to normal and he hasn’t had any issues since.. But I left the Amethyst in the Living room.. I stuck it on the mantle above the fire place… well I checked it the other day and at the base of the crystals they are turning this deep gray/black color.

    So it looks like the Geode is sucking out a lot of negative energy in our lives.. The bad news is eventually it will all be used up.. but Im hard on crystals that way.. just ask martin.. I have them a few months and they crumble on me.. I just know how to suck them dry.. Hehe.. But I thought I would share the story.

    Can’t wait to see you guys.

  5. admin says:

    That’s like the clear quartz crystal you made for Andrew with the symbols on it, it turned all smokey white. I think we shoulda kept it by him until he got home! Mama gene alert!

    I’m glad you’ll be able to see the tree on Sunday. Maybe we can do some cool stuff in his room while you’re here, you know, the stuff we use to do when you visited. I think we know now why Andrew didn’t participate with us when we did it before when you visited, can you imagine what woulda happened if he was in with us chanting??? Holy crapioli! I think the EARTH woulda moved! lol You’ll see why in tonight’s post. ;-)

  6. Swati says:

    What a beautiful experience with selecting the tree Connie!! And what an amazing ceremony you have planned. I wish I were there too…physically…not just out of my body. LOL!

    I love the idea of tying messages from his friends. Do you think it is ok if I send a message too and you stick it to one one the hearts? I would love to do that if thats ok with you.

  7. admin says:

    Absolutely Swati! I would be honored!

    It’s not the birthday I ever imagined celebrating with him. Hard to believe how much our lives have changed since his 16th birthday just last year. It’s insane & doesn’t seem real.

    BUT we will make it a special birthday with the people that loved him so. :-)

  8. Leah Clark says:

    Hey, I think we should do a world-wide circle at a pre-determined time for those of us who can’t be there. Like the healing circles we used to do for Andrew while he was in the hospital. So what time is the party going to be exactly, and what time should we all be sending our energy?

    I’m not surprised that Denise found Andrew’s tree at WalMart! After all, we ARE talking about the Bargain King here, aren’t we? LOL!

    I wanna send a message toooo!!!! Should we just send little handwritten notes? Wot say you, Connie???

  9. Leo says:

    Oh, wow. Great stories.

    Happy Birthday, Andrew!

  10. admin says:

    Just e-mail me what you want to say Leah and Swati and I will put it on a heart for you. The party is at 6p.m. we will do the tree first.

    I will try and keep the stories coming Leo! I enjoy writing them. But it’s up to Andrew. ;-)

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