Remember when Andrew had a visitation by John Denver when he was in the PICU the first time? JD wrote Andrew a song, sang it to him then gave him the guitar he played it on because he doesn’t give autographs? Then Andrew told us that he knew his guitar was there? Remember that?

Well after Andrew ascended he told Martin “I got my guitar Daddy! Isn’t it cool?” Andrew plays it all of the time with JD. Him and JD are always jamming! Martin sez he always sees Andrew playing the 12 string guitar JD gave him. Andrew even gives Martin pointers on playing now!! LMAO! Oh how the tables have turned! :-D

Lately when getting my “Mucklets” Andrew is playing his guitar and it’s musical notes that are being sent in to my chakras. Do I have the coolest son or what?? :-D

Here’s the cool part, it even freaked Martin out!! I love it when that happens! Martin sees Andrew with the 12 string Guild guitar with a chip out of the top of it. Martin got the ‘hit’ i.e. Andrew inspiring him, (because he knew it would freak him out,) to look up JD’s different guitars and what did he find??? A Guild, 12 string guitar with a chip out of the top of it that belong to JD! JD chipped it at an outdoor concert in Colorado.

Martin was freaked out because seeing the exact guitar Andrew has now & having no idea about the chip on the guitar on the internet was freakie deakie even to him. It’s funny when even Martin can still get freaked out! LMAO! Never a dull moment peeps with my Avatar son and medium husband! :-D :-D


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8 Responses to NOW THIS IS COOL!

  1. Karen T. says:

    That is way cool!!!

    Happy playing Andrew!

  2. Swati says:

    Wow! That was amazing about the guitar!! And I was thinking too….what…Martin is still getting freaked? LOL!!!!!!!!!! The same dude who goes out of body by just staring at a trashcan lid? LOLOLOLOL!!

  3. Janet says:

    LOL See that Martin kids were meant to make us wonder! lol very funny Connie I love it Look forward to seeing you Do you have an approx. date for Dania??? Love you all Janet

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Swati – I agree! I can’t imagine, after all they’ve been through, that Martin would get freaked about anything!!!

  5. admin says:

    Right Swati and Leah???!!! It is hard to freak Martin out. When a friend came to meditation class awhile ago with a weird little entity stuck on her shoulder, Martin didn’t freak, he removed it along with the pain in her shoulder that she had. Andrew has been able to freak Martin out a number of times! teehee I love it!

    The Metaphysical Chapel said they would know in a few weeks when we could do the show Janet. I’m hoping it’s soon! Looking forward to coming over. Haven’t been to the Saw Grass in years! I use to live there. The last time we were in Ft. Laud, we took Andrew to his daycare and his teacher was still there! She was shocked to see how tall he was. I’d hate to tell her what’s happened since then.

  6. Dana says:

    Don’t cha just love stories like that one? There’s no way Martin could have simply dreamed that up or imagined it! I LOVE confirmations like that!

    I had a meditation approx 2 yrs before I actually went to Ireland. In it, I saw a yellow primrose. I thought it was interesting, and then more or less forgot about it. What a shock to discover that (at least in the West where we were) that yellow primroses are as common to Ireland as dandelions are here! *EEK!*

    Kewl non?

  7. Swati says:

    Conniiiiiiiiieeee…write a new blog entry……..its been 5 million years already!

  8. admin says:

    Ahhhhh so you can see now huh??? I will have one tonight!

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