There is no denying it! Andrew sent us that song!

Martin and I went to Walmart today and on our way out Coldplay’s song, Viva La Vida comes on and Martin says, “This song reminds me of Andrew.” Now before you say anything, yes I did tell Martin about this song reminding me of Andrew. He didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

Before I knew it, Martin was lost in the song with Andrew. Martin said we were all dancing in the forest and just having a great time together. I tried to tap in but I was driving so I was a bit limited :-) I had to just listen to Martin describe it as I was driving. It sounded so wonderful! When the song was over, Martin had tears in his eyes. He said because he felt Andrew move through him and was caught up in the emotion of us dancing together. SO guess what song do you think we are ending the ceremony with while we dance on Laguna Beach celebrating our love for Andrew while watching the balloons reach up to the heavens? Yup! Viva La Vida!

While at Walmart Martin was waiting around while I was trying on bathing suits. I made him stay close by because I wasn’t coming out all the way for him to see it. He was asking Andrew for a sign while he was waiting around. Andrew says to him “Look up Daddy” Martin does and there is a sign that says “White Stag” Then Andrew says, “Look to the right now Daddy” and there was another “White Stag” sign. Walmart carries White Stag label of clothing. How cool is that?

Then when we were almost home Viva La Vida came on again!

Martin, Andrew and I had a great time out today! Just like old times… in the new way. It’s not the way I want it to be, but it’s better than the alternative.

Martin saw Andrew laying in his bed out of the corner of his eye this morning. He sees Andrew a lot in his room out of the corner of his eye. I need to be paying closer attention! Of course my mama gene feels like it shouldn’t be so hard to see and feel her son. But this is the way it is now and if I want to feel and see Andrew I need to pay closer attention. I know the more we get out there and perform and work with Andrew, the closer I will feel to Andrew and it won’t even feel like he has left at all! I know this will happen! Our relationship has moved to a higher vibration and I need to catchup to it is all, and I will!

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  1. Karen T. says:

    I know you will too! Yay for you, Connie!

    It’s wonderful the way he is constantly with you and telling you so. Such love for you two from your awesome son. Good journey to you on your catching up Connie.

  2. Jane says:

    I am so glad that you had such a fantastic day enjoying each other’s company. Priceless…..

  3. Leah Clark says:

    VERY cool!!! I’ll never look at WalMart the same way again! :)

  4. Leila says:

    Wow! so so beautiful!!!
    It’s hard to believe that in just a few short wks we’ll be celebrating and dancing on the beach! YAY!!!!

    Love & hugs

  5. admin says:

    I can’t believe we’ll be in So-Cal in a few weeks. It feels like an eternity since we’ve been there! I am going to enjoy every millisecond of it!

    One thing fo sho is that Andrew loved his parents! He ALWAYS made us feel loved! No matter what any ass wipe has tried to tell us since he left! Now I know why he was so adamant on always telling us he loved us and that we were the best parents EVER! It was so when these morons tried to make us feel we did less than what was needed, we knew it was THEIR shit and not ours! He is such a great son! It’s amazing what jealously can do, we have such an amazing relationship with Andrew. One parents can only dream of really. SO what do those do that are jealous? They attack what they wish they could have! We have better communication with Andrew even now than most parents have with their teenagers here. No one can take that away from us! They can try, but they will lose EVERY time!

    Wait till you go to Walmart again Leah and see the White Stag signs. I’ve been there countless of times since Andrew left and never noticed them. Martin said that’s how he knows it’s sign, Andrew had to point it out!

  6. Swati says:

    Lovely post!! It made me happy just reading how you feel! Woooohoooo!!!

  7. Jane says:

    Not that YOU ever needed this lesson or anyone who is reading this blog either but it certainly is a lesson in what NOT to say who is grieving the loss of their beloved child, isn’t it? I feel sorry for anyone who is that insensitive. And angry for what they said to you and Martin.

  8. admin says:

    You know Jane, I understand when people don’t know what to say and I soooo appreciate it even when they say that they don’t know what to say or even say I am sorry. I mean, what can you say?? I have been in that position as well when someone has lost a loved one. BUT to say things that are just down right mean, nasty and UNTRUE?? There’s just NO excuse for that! It’s the people that pretend Andrew has come to them and told them negative things that I have a problem with. People that didn’t even know Andrew! People that call themselves light workers or healers. Two of them are ATP’s!!! I had another twit the night of our show. She told me that Andrew was talking to her right then & there and telling her that we should have let him go. I looked at her like she was nuts and she said it again! She went on to say that he didn’t want to go through the hospital trauma, we should have let him go.

    Ok, which is why Andrew told my mother that if he could go back in time he wouldn’t change a thing, he wouldn’t even wipe out his diagnosis. I wrote about this before. He said because there was more good than bad and he got to spend all this time with Martin and I. I know he felt blessed by meeting a lot of the ACH people.

    Andrew was always positive here and so evolved, so why would he turn negative after he ascended?? Ummmmmm he wouldn’t!!!! I have to say, it has been very interesting to see how people react to trauma. How people react when you are strong in handling trauma and grief. They will try and knock you down. But they are not strong enough! They are just poking the angry bear who will kick their ass! LOL You have to laugh at these wannabees really. Ok, after I verbally abuse first! LOL Martin said I need to not be so hard on myself after a show, ie “I coulda done this or that better” because that lowers my vibration and it attracts the morons. Good to know! ;-) Won’t make that mistake again. Martin would love one these wannabees to come up to him. I will send them to him from now on. Let’s face it, when you put yourself out there like Martin and I do, these people are hard to completely avoid. It’s a numbers game.
    Thank you all for being here and lending your genuine love and support and voices of reason! ((((((HUGS)))))))

  9. Swati says:

    [quote]I had another twit the night of our show. She told me that Andrew was talking to her right then & there and telling her that we should have let him go. I looked at her like she was nuts and she said it again! She went on to say that he didn’t want to go through the hospital trauma, we should have let him go.[/quote]

    Huh??? What?? When was this? Who was this one now? Last I heard you met that woman who said you should stop talking to Andrew. And now you meet another one? When did this happen? What is wrong with these people? Even if they are insensitive….are they so dumb too?

  10. admin says:

    This happened last Sat night after our show when we were talking to people. Can you even imagine saying that to someone you didn’t know even if it were true????? Obviously these people enjoy the view from inside their colon a whole hell of a lot! LOL

    I guess that is why I shouldn’t be out and about around people when still grieving the physical loss of our son. My vibration isn’t as high as it needs to be to keep these insensitive twits away from me!! You’d think common decency would prevail but it doesn’t when you are enjoying the view from inside your colon! :-D

  11. Dana says:

    Just stopping in to say ‘Hi!’ *waves madly*

    What’s up with peeps walking up to you and telling you how things were with Andrew? *confuzzled* *sighs* Oh well! At least you know the truth Connie!

    I’d love to see Martin morph into Andrew! That sounds COOL!

  12. admin says:

    *jumps up and down waving* Hi Dana!!

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