Andrew, Martin and I were talking on the patio last week. Martin was giving me messages from Andrew. As he was giving me the messages, he said that Andrew was actually entering his body. His hands and fingers were tingling, Martin felt different. We got validation of this at our show on Saturday. One of the people there said she could see Martin transforming during the audience readings. She said it looked like he had a mask over his face at first and then he looked at least 20 years younger, his shoulders were broader and Martin was taller. Hmmm sound like anyone we know???

So for whatever reason, Andrew is entering Martin. Martin is cool with this, he says it’s pretty cool and he feels even closer to Andrew now. Yea, I was having a hard time trying not to make this sound all Michael Jackson creepy like, not sure I succeeded. Oh well. Martin thinks it’s the step for the next stage of our journey with Andrew. I’m hoping it’s the next step in seeing what the big picture is in all of this.

We just did a 7-11 run, something Martin and Andrew always did. When Andrew would hear that Martin was going to 7-11, he’d come barreling out of his room like a wolf spider, arms and legs a flying every where. LOL Two of Andrew’s fav things to get was Reece Peanut Butter cups and the red gatoraide, both of which Martin does not like. I still have Andrew’s Reece PB Cup cereal in the pantry. I got it for him when he was home from the hospital. He didn’t want to eat it in the hospital because he knew the chemo would ruin his fav cereal for him.

Anyhow, Martin is standing in the candy isle and I can feel & see this energy pull and Martin fighting it. I said “Andrew wants you to get the Reece Cups doesn’t he?” Martin likes Mounds Bars. Martin laughed as he is holding the red gatoraide Andrew would drink in his hand, and said “yes.” I said, “you might as well not fight it, you know he’s gonna win!” SO Martin asked me where the thinner Reece Cups were, he didn’t want the thick ones if he was going to have to eat the Reece Cups. LMAO! Martin is such a sucker! He will do or eat anything for Andrew! :-) Andrew does this to have his father/son moments with Martin. He knows Martin enjoys it even if he doesn’t like what he’s eating. :-D

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5 Responses to ANDREW’S TAKE OVER

  1. Karen T. says:

    That is too cool!!! Wish I’d been able to come. We need to rev up the promo for the October show so I don’t have to miss another one. Coming by as soon as you give the word for a few fliers. And I love Mounds too…Almond Joy even more. I guess I would get through a Reece Cup if I was being asked to the way Martin gets asked. LOL

  2. Swati says:

    [quote]Yea, I was having a hard time trying not to make this sound all Michael Jackson creepy like, not sure I succeeded.[/quote] LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its really cool how he makes Martin eat whatever it is he wants to eat. LOL! You had written about this once before. And that stage transformation thing was totally awesome!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Great, now I’M craving a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!!! But NOT the red gatorade, thankfully!!! LOL!!!!!

  4. Tammy says:

    I sooooooo can relate to eating things that you are not in the mood to eat for a loved one that has crossed over; my Mom does it to me & my Aunt with Chocolate chip cookies….at the WEIRDEST times!! That’s when I know it her & not MY craving or sweets in general; my Mom was not picky when it came to her sugar!!! Anyway, I know I just sent you the reservation confirmation. The reservationist has put in a special request to try & get the same rooms, she doesn’t think they keep the room #’s that we have stayed in so any help we can get in the room #’s would be great!!!

    Love you

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Everything is set! I just made the rent a car and hotel reservations for Sedona today!! Everything is in place….well I just need to find a bathing suit top now, I bought the bottoms today. ;-)

    As far as the same rooms, it will all be perfect Tammy! I know Andrew will get us the most perfect rooms. I am affirming that every step of this mini tour will be a magickal one! I know we will see the magick around every corner. This is a huge deal for us. Martin and I are really stepping out on faith and less than a year since Andrew ascended. We are showing that we are willing to fill our end of this bigger purpose! I am hoping this is just the beginning of much bigger things to come!

    Sorry about the Reece cravings! I wonder if I can get a kick back for the increase in sales now! LOL :-D

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