Well, let’s try this in the morning now. The issue for me is I know what I want to say but finding the right words in order to make it sound right has been the struggle for me with this topic. I understand it but explaining it?? A whole other issue. Even for Andrew as well. Trying to put things that he knows into words for people to understand can be hard. SO here it goes.

I have had this conversation with Andrew and also Elatia lately too, about peoples’ vibrations. When Andrew and I would have our lunch dates we would have the best conversations EVER! He had all this amazing information that was way too profound to be talking at a Denny’s about!! We shoulda been at the Ritz or something! I told him he needed to write down this info or record it. It was so profound. Awesome stuff! It’s our family that needed to be on a reality show! You’d at least learn something profound! Unfortunately he never did but he’s more than willing to share now. :-D

I explain peoples’ vibrations like being in school. It’s not about judging people where they are vibrating at. It’s just about observing and honoring where they are at on their life journey. It’s not about being a snob or looking down at people. I explained to Andrew and Elatia it’s like if you are a senior in high school and you see a first grader are you going to mock them because they don’t know as much as you do?? No, you’re not, unless you are a total shmuck or the 1st grader is like 10!! Then you can’t just pass that on up! lol

Would a senior in high school want to hang around a 1st grader and be best friends?? NO! Unless you are some kind of creepy, pervy guy…..or a priest! Oh c’mon! Like I was suppose to pass that one up??!!! ROFLMAO! Sorry but I am!

It’s about honoring people where they are on their life journey. We may think “why would they be that way? Or do that?” It’s just where they happen to be. Why doesn’t a 1st grader know algebra? (or me for that matter :-) )Because they haven’t gotten to that yet, they have other things they need to learn first. Does that make sense?

When it does become an issue, for me at least, is when people DO know better and have learned and don’t practice what has been learned. Or teach things they are not practicing in their own lives. I mean if your teaching people how to stay sober and you are hitting happy hour all the time getting, at they say in Ireland, rat arse drunk, I have a problem with that. Or speak out about protecting children and in the mean time you’re molesting your own at home! Oh yea! I have a problem with that too! I am a firm believer in WALK YOUR TALK! Or STFU and sit down!! Dunno what STFU means ask a teenager. ;-)

When you know better you do better and if you don’t shame on you!! That you WILL have to answer for! Be it here or when you cross over. Make no mistake, you WILL have to answer for it. And who do you have to answer too? YOU! Only YOU! Not some devil trying to steal your soul. That’s total BS. Or God/Goddess saying “Yea, you kinda sucked and did ALL this wrong! I must smite you!” Ain’t gonna happen either! It’s YOU that you will have to answer to! And it’s not as easy as might think! The smiting might sound good after you get there! LOL

I discussed with Andrew one time another example, & I believe it had to do with the Other Side. We had this discussion before his diagnosis because we were in the car. I believe.

I said there’s different dimensions or levels on the Other Side like there is here on Earth. We have lower, middle, and upper class here, in the US at least, although that is changing too. Umm yea, THANKS BUSH!! Anyways, I went on to explain that we more middle class and that’s pretty much we what we see around us. When we watch “Cops,” yes, Elatia got him hooked, they like laughing at the “alleged” criminals, I have to admit, they are funny! “That’s not my drugs! I was holding it for a friend!” Or “I don’t know how those drugs got there!” ROFLMAO Do they have a script? They ALL say the same thing no matter whar State! LOL That is lower class and seeing that we can’t relate, it’s not in our experience, yet it happens all around us.

Same thing with watching “The Fabulous Life Of” We have a wealthy area around us but we haven’t experienced it really. A flash here and there but as a whole it’s not in our experience yet, ;-) yet it does exist. Same thing for the Other Side. There are all these different levels/dimensions one not necessarily knowing about the other one. It depends on where you are vibrating at.

We even have the Elemental dimension here. They are indeed fairies and leprechauns & gnomes ect! We have a leprechaun Seamus in our yard and my daughter has hear the fairies. Most people don’t know this realm exists yet it does right under their noses in their yard!

So as you can see it’s ALL about vibration peeps! If you don’t like what’s going on check and see where your thought are because that will tell you where your vibration is! SO happy vibrating! Wait! That don’t sound right! LOL


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  1. Swati says:

    Aha! So was this the elusive, mysterious, invisible blog entry I had not graced with my most graceful presence yet? :-P

    Fear not O pretty Stalkee! I am here now!

    Checking my vibtrations…ummmm….its missing altogether.

    And I seriously didn’t know what STFU meant. LOL!! Even when you wrote it in the angel board under Betsy’s thread about unsolicited readings. So today I furrowed my brow as much as I could (it helps focus), and I got the answer! Yayyyyy!!!! I’m getting smarter day by day.

  2. admin says:

    I did not know it wasn’t showing because I hit save and not publish. DUH!

    STFU “shut the f**k up! teehee so I didn’t get my hand slapped because no one knew what it meant?? LOL AWESOME!

    I knew something was up when I had no responses! :-)

  3. Swati says:

    LOL!! Yeah, I guess no one got it? Hey, I got it though after a lot of furrowing of eyebrows :-P. So even though I’m from the dork-side, I get it sometimes. LOLOLOL!!!

    Sending you tons of love PROUD PRETTY MAMA TO ANDREW!!! Each time I read any answer from him, it makes me think, “Gosh! How PROUD she must be of her son!!”. Connie…even his words…just his words…they have this amazing energy to them. Yeah, I know you know that…but I am discovering it only now. I can’t tell you how gooooood I feel each time I read a reply from him…even if its a reply to someone else! LOL! And of course, replies to me are even more wonderful!

    Can I tell other people about the forum? Or should we let it be for the people who know you, for a few more days while you are still healing? Right now, because everyone here knows you, and cares about you and Martin and Andrew, it has a very personal touch to it — everyone knows about Andrew and simply LOVES him. That personal touch will be gone when others come in too who don’t know you all at all. So would you like me to tell others (non-ATP family), or wait a while?

  4. admin says:

    Swati, what ever you feel is right. As we know, like attracts like and Andrew is very powerful, I am sure he is protecting the forum so that only the people that will receive and give blessings will be on there.

    We will be promoting it on Karen’s show.

    Thank you for ALWAYS being so supportive!!


  5. Swati says:

    Alrighty then…if you are ok with it, I’ll tell everyone I can!! :-))))

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