Dog the Bounty Hunter is exactly what I’m talking about with NOT walking your talk! Don’t go on about being a born again Christian, pray before you do your job then start the racial slurs against your son’s girlfriend! SOooooooo not cool!

While I know no one is perfect but this is a biggie! I mean that is hate in Dog’s heart to carry on like that! I don’t care that it was a private call. When you are in the public eye and you are out there giving motivational speeches, you don’t carry on like that behind closed doors! That is NOT walking your talk! Especially as a so called Christian! Nuh UH No way! Those are the so called Christians I can not stand!! They piss me off!!

You can take the man out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the man I guess! That’s all I’m saying.

But as Andrew sez IT’S ALL GOOD! It’s a lesson for us to take a look at ourselves and see if we are walking our own talk! So thanks Dog for showing us what NOT to do! :-D

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  1. Anna Taylor says:

    Sorry, I don’t know who Dog is, Connie! Can you enlighten us in the UK? Or I am I totally supposed to know who it is!!

    Agree about the lesson though!


    Anna xxxx

  2. admin says:

    Dog The Bounty Hunter is a show here about an ex-con, ex-drug addict turned born again Christian who is a bounty hunter now. He is pretty well known here and you can tell they were straight from the trailer parks and something close to it which is fine. I looked past that and enjoyed the show with Andrew. He liked it.

    It came out this week that on a private call he went on a racial tyraid about his son’s black girlfriend. Using the N word! NOT COOL! I hope this helps a bit. I’m sure it’s on YOutube now. Type in the search Dog The Bounty Hunter. I’m hoping he invested his money well cause I think he just might have killed his career on TV.

  3. Swati says:

    Dog? His name is Dog?

  4. Anna Taylor says:

    Oooh dear, I see! Yeah, looks like his career is probably over. Thanks for explaining. Will have a look on youtube sometime.



  5. admin says:

    Geez Swati do u live under a rock??? LOL His name is Dwayne but nickname is Dog the show is on A & E

  6. Swati says:

    Nope, I live inside the hole that is under that rock ;). I have never heard of Dwayne! :D For that matter I haven’t heard of most people :D.

  7. Christine Salter says:

    I think the puppy may have piddled the carpet now! LOL! Big tough boy, brought down by his own mouth. Oh the way we choose to learn our lessons. Just shows the rest of us where we are in it all. Connie, I love your blog. You absolutely crack me up!! I need to learn to relax and laugh again, so you are very healing for me. Thank you for being you!

    Love and Light,
    Christine Salter

  8. admin says:

    Thank you Christine! And here I thought I was just babbling on about my life & not many people paying attention to it! So glad it is having a positive effect on people! Knowing that helps to keep me going!

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